Sunday, January 28, 2007

Help Wanted

Ordinarily, I'd post something like this in the comments at MadPriest's place. It's just his kind of thing. But now that I have my own blog, why not here?

From the Key West Citizen via The New Yorker:

A busy store at 425 Front Street is seeking honest, responsible, reliable & ambitious employees for part-time & full-time positions. Good salary with advancement opportunities for the right person. Job duties include retail sales, stocking & cleaning. Previous sales experience, with register responsibilities, preferred. Spanish as a 2nd language is a plus. References will be verified. If you get drunk, do drugs, call in sick or just plain don't show up for work don't bother applying; you probably have already worked here.

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  1. Yes, I saw this Mimi and it made me laugh out loud for a long time.


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