Sunday, April 1, 2007

Do You Know What It Means?

Later, perhaps tomorrow, I'll write my impression of my trip to New Orleans with Scout Prime and Athenae from the blog First Draft and the other folks in our group. Meanwhile you might want to check out Athenae's post, We Are Marshall, at FD. I'm a little daunted to attempt to give my account, because she and Scout write so well.

If you are absolutely holding your breath, near to dying, to see a picture of me and Grandpère you can look at this post at First Draft and see if you can guess which of those lovely people we are. I warn you; it's going to be quite a challenge to pick us out.


  1. Jesus called. He said to tell you "Thanks!"

  2. wow. you all did a great job. It is amazing that this is still needed two years later. That is incredible.

    and I know that those New Orleans cockroaches are humongous. how fun was that?

  3. KJ, thanks for the message.
    Does that make you an angel? Did Jesus use a cell phone or a line phone?

    Dennis, we did our small bit. So much more needs doing.

    Yes, those prehistoric cockroaches are large and nasty critters, and they don't only crawl; they fly, too.

  4. Great to have you back.
    Now you've really outed yourself, if anyone you know reads First Draft.
    I tried to enlarge your pic, but the resolution isn't high enough.
    In the final pic, what are you looking at?

    Oh, and thanks for doing the Lord's work.

  5. Allen, I'm looking for my husband to get him in the picture, but as you can see, he didn't make it. He was too busy eating fried chicken wings.

    How on earth did you know that was me, or should I say, "I"?

    And this was organized by my dear heathen friends! Sometimes the good heathens put us to shame in doing God's work.

  6. How on earth did you know that was me, or should I say, "I"?

    Because; and no, you should say "me".

  7. You know, that's exactly how I would have pictured you, but not grandpere.
    Def. "Driving Miss Daisy" rather than swamp trash. I am so pleased.

  8. Yea! Grandmere and Grandpere! Another message from God who spoke from the pollen covered deck - "Glad you wore masks, Krewe! Keep up the good work."

    Welcome home, rest and be at peace.

  9. MadPriest, no matter what I look like, I'm still swamp trash and proud of it. You see, God will raise us from our lowly place and set us up high. What did you expect Grandpère to look like?

    Sharecropper, perhaps one of our group will post pictures of us in our outfits - respirators and all. We looked like aliens.

  10. Other people may have written the story well, but no one else will write your story. If you take the time, I'll be glad to read it.

  11. Well, I thought he was going to be Clark Gable but he looks more like Burt Reynolds. But hey, I bet Burt Reynolds is far more fun - eh grandmere?

  12. MadPriest, he's not Clark, he's not Burt, he's Tom. And he is fun.


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