Friday, October 26, 2007

Photo Album Of NY Gathering

I inquired at Piskie's place if it would be possible for someone with more savvy than I have to put the pictures into a photo album that we could load into the pictures folders of our computers.

Lisa responded in an email and said...

It's easy. I have an account with FotoTime. Other's probably have Flicker or something else. The owner just uploads high-res photos, then sends invitations, and others can view, download, order prints, or even order the photos printed on t-shirts, mousepads, coffee mugs, you name it.

I asked Lisa if I could share her email.

Certainly, my dear. And if folks want an example, you have permission to share this URL from one of my online photo albums:
JAGSL Concours Sept 2003

Anyone want to volunteer?


  1. Mon chere, I fear my links got lost in translation. Let me try my hand at writing a link.

    Folks can go to JAGSL Concours Sept 2003 for a sample of how the FotoTime album works.

    Mind you, I'm not saying FotoTime is the best photo-hosting service. It's just the one I know and use. And their printed photos, mugs, mousepads, etc. are really good.

    And I ain't tellin' you which of those Jaguars was mine, nor which picture has me in it. I'm as camera-averse as Klady!

    More to the point ... I am willing to consider volunteering to host the OCICBINY album. But I bet there are others who are more techno-savvy than I.

    I am "eat up" with jealousy at what a great time you all had ... and with sadness that I couldn't make the long journey to be with you. God willing, MadPriest's midwestern fans will soon organize a similar event and lure you here.

  2. Lisa, thanks. I fixed the link on the post. I'll keep your offer in mind, but we can wait to see if someone steps up. It is definitely beyond me.

    I'm sorry you could not be with us. We passed a good time, as we say in Cajunland.

    I'm going back to the pictures to see if I can guess who is you.

  3. considering that David and I are moving back to Chicago next year I can just about guarantee that there will be an invitation to come to Chicago at some point.

  4. Dennis, love, will we all fit in the apartment or condo?

  5. A Chicago meet-up would be great, Dennis. And I bet we have some friends at Seabury-Western who could help with space.

    Grandmère, I do know that phrase. I once spent a week in Houma, with a dinner in Thibodaux. Loved it down there!

  6. Lisa, I did not figure out who is you. We do have nice people here, especially me. It's a small world. Houma is growing by leaps and bounds. It's become a traffic nightmare. I don't get it. Hurricanes are no less likely to drop in. However, the oil and gas service companies are flourishing. Why not at $92 a barrel for oil?

    My son who lives in Houma is planning to move "north" to Thibodaux when his son finishes high school in three years.


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