Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What we missed - "A Grave Affair"

Picture stolen from Ormonde.

Because of my travels and settling in at home, Grandpère and I missed "A Grave Affair" on Sunday. And I missed seeing Ormonde, from Through the Dust, and meeting his family. And it was at my church!

We got the date mixed up and failed to show. I'm disappointed, because I enjoyed the event last year and because I missed a chance to have a chat with my fellow Louisiana blogger and his family.

Maybe next year.


  1. There was a woman who looked sort of like you, but when I winked at her she turned away, so I decided she wasn't you. Anyway, she was too old.

  2. Ormonde, ya gotta watch that winking at old ladies. I love it. It make me feel young, but not every old lady does.

    Although you may not remember me, we have met on a couple of occasions, when you visited St. John with one bishop or another. It was a while ago.

    You and your brother resemble each other quite a bit, although he is taller, if I remember correctly.


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