Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eucharistic Theology - I Am Orthodox, Or...

Eucharistic theology
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You are Orthodox, worshiping the mystery of the Holy Trinity in the great liturgy whereby Jesus is present through the Spirit in a real yet mysterious way, a meal that is also a sacrifice.














  1. I came out as Calvin?!!!????

    I need to take this test over, clearly I clicked something in the wrong spot.

    Imagine, a neo-pagan idol worshipper me coming up 93% Calvin!

  2. Diane, the icon came with the quiz results. I take no credit.

    I am amazed that I received the exact same score in Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran. Can we trust any of these quizzes?

  3. This is a very strange quiz, isn't it? I did it twice, the first time going for "correct" answers, which came out at 100% Catholic. Then I winged it a bit, and it came back, I kid you not, at 75% Catholic, 75% Orthodox, and 75% Calvinist. Some mixture. What my mother used to call a "Bush Baptist" - have no idea of the origin of the term, tho', since I first heard it more than 50 years back, nothing to do with US presidents.

    Happy Halloween!

  4. I have no idea what "bush Baptists" are, lapinbizarre, but it all sounds rather sinister with overtones of my mother declaring someone to be "trash." Come to think of it, I'm not sure we were right proper Baptists ourselves. Oh my.

    The tests are very silly and quite unscientific but they are too much fun to resist. Since I came out 100% Orthodox, and proud of it, I can only conclude that it is accurate. Then again, I had just the teensiest bit of Unitarian and that worries me. I would hope that my Calvinist would be zero but there was that too. Oh well.

  5. An online definition of "Bush Baptist", an early 20th c term, is "a person of vague but strong religious beliefs, not necessarily associated with a particular denomination". It fits precisely with my mother's use of the term, which was to describe a childhood in the 20's in which she ricocheted promiscuously between attending Sunday mass with her RC relations, and going to Sunday service with friends at a local Primitive Methodist chapel.

  6. Lord have mercy, lapin, that definition does include my family. They asserted regular attendance but I know it was spotty, they could not define Baptist distinctives to save their souls but were very firm in their non-opinions, and it was really some kind of civil religion with vague--very vague--evangelical overtones.

    I was one of those disgustingly good little boys who memorized his verses, knew his Bible, attended everything, wanted to know everything... but was still uncomfortable with coercive elements. I invited Jesus into my heart around age 3 and still consider that my valid act of primary consent to the deity. Now my faith is more corporate and less subjective and I rejoice more in Jesus inviting us all into his heart than in our returning the favor. My choice matters but God's choice matters more (and that is NOT a comment about predestination).

  7. Well, guys, what an interesting and informative discussion on "bush Baptists" and youthful and parental church attendance.

    Mine was regular and across the board RCC.

  8. I cam out as 100% Luther. It's not an attractive picture, but there you go.

  9. Diane, what denomination do you pastor in again? Oh, that's right. It's the Lutheran Church.

    I'll tell you what disturbs me about my results. It's the 50% Calvinist. Where did THAT come from?

  10. But just think? What if we had had Quiz Farm during the Reformation? The Calvinists could have discovered they were Lutherans, the Catholics were Orthodox, and the Anabaptists were actually Unitarians. Since almost NONE of us came out with the score we expected, maybe all of this Confession of This Place and Catechism of That Place are just a bunch of silliness. Maybe none of us have much of a clue what the Eucharist means at all. And that could be the best theological news in a few hundred years.

  11. John, that's an idea. We could have been placed in in denominations according to the results of a test instead of killing each other over right beliefs.

    Jesus and John Donne said it best, In essence, Donne said, "What he (Jesus) said".

    He was the Word that spake it;
    He took the bread and brake it;
    And what that Word did make it;
    I do believe and take it.

    (Divine Poems. On the Sacrament).

  12. I came out as Lutheran, then Orthodox, then Roman.

    Mimi, I think we can trust it - I have always said that all good anglicans are closeted Lutherans, this is just more evidence.

  13. David, is now the proper time for me to come out of the closet? Perhaps not. We don't have a Lutheran Church in my town.

  14. Well, I'm no Lutheran. I scored 100% Orthodox, and 75 each on Calvin (EGAD) Luther (egad) and ye olde bog standard Catholic. I got a very high 25% on Unitarian because I really do think that sometime a hug and a flower will suffice just fine.

  15. Rowan, so. You're an Orthodox dog. I'll give you a virtual hug - ((((Rowan)))) - since that's not forbidden under your confinement rules, but if I give you a flower, will you eat it?

    My 50% Calvinist score still worries me.


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