Monday, November 5, 2007

Vote For Your Democratic Candidate

If you'd like to cast a vote for your first, second, and third choices for the Democratic candidate for president, go to Democracy for America.

I chose Dennis Kucinich as No. 1, because I agree with almost all of his policies. I know that he doesn't have a chance at the nomination, but I took satisfaction in choosing him in the poll.

There are videos up, in which the candidates talk about what they will do if they become president. Today is the last day to vote.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about this! I just put in my vote for Kucinich as well. While he "might not have a chance" he has been honest and consistent throughout the campaign and his time in office, and based upon his campaign propaganda, appears to have methods to finance his vision for America.


  2. A friend of mine tried to leave a comment, but she could not figure out the process with Blogger. I can understand that. Here's what she said:

    Just tried to send a comment but couldn't figure out how to maneuver the commands. So here it is:

    A long time favorite quote I've cherished for years: "A great nation is one in which its moral decisions are greater than its power and wealth."
    Walter Mosely

    Do I hear an "Amen" to that?

  3. I notice Jed Bartlet doesn't appear...

  4. I chose Kucinich too. I'll vote for him in the primaries too, as I did last time. It can't hurt!

  5. Thanks, Allie. I thought I'd never get an amen.

  6. Well, we are Episcopalians remember... we tend to mumble Amen or say it silently... I'm sure you got more than one.

    Maybe a Baptist blog received more Amens... but probably not for Kucinich.

  7. Maybe a Baptist blog received more Amens

    No doubt. But you came through for me, Allie.


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