Monday, January 28, 2008

Clinton And Obama To Vote "No"

From FireDogLake comes word that both Clinton and Obama will be present in the US Senate to vote "No" on the motion for cloture by the Republicans on the FISA bill.

Excellent! They had better be there to vote "No". They are both still serving in the US Senate. The vote will take place this afternoon at 4:30, so it's not too late to contact your senators to ask them to vote against the cloture motion.

This matter involves complicated maneuvering in the Senate. If you want to know more, go to Democracy For America.

If you care about the U.S. Constitution and your government spying on you, it's important to make the calls.

UPDATE: I called my Republican senator, David Vitter, just for the hell of it, to ask him to vote "No" on cloture, even though I know he won't. The young woman who answered the phone did not know what I was talking about, nor how the senator would vote, and she was not able to reach anyone who did know to ask them. I know more than the office worker knows, but it doesn't hurt to annoy them a little, does it?

Sen. Landrieu's office did not answer. Perhaps, they're getting lots of calls. I made do with an email message, but I will try to call again later.

UPDATE: Cloture vote failed 48-45, 60 needed to pass. Yay!

Mary Landrieu voted "Yes". Boo!


  1. Thanks for championing the cause, Mimi!

  2. Paul, you have given us examples in how to do it.

  3. Democracy for America wrote to remind me to call my Senators -- which is when I realized I hadn't updated my profile with them (I had with MoveOn -- so between them and the ACLU... now you know I'm going to end up on lists) because they still thought Barbara Boxer and DiFi were my Senators. No such luck (though Sen. Feinstein is a disappointment, but don't get me started) -- my Senators are Richard Burr (R-NC), whom you've never heard of, right? and Elizabeth Dole (R-NC). It was fascinating to see what responses everyone sent (I wrote all four, CA and NC since I had moved fairly recently) when I wrote about the Defense of Marriage act (I was agin it, naturally). The Californians e-mailed back (Boxer first and fast, Feinstein a bit later) saying of course they supported marriage equality (sigh, California) and much later a snail-mail came from Senator Dole saying she believed in the traditional family - a form letter clearly but at least she wrote. Never heard a peep out of Burr. And I had written I was a church-going Christian, too, and that as a Christian I supported marriage equality for lesbian and gay people.

    I'm still going to write them about FISA. Off I go. Glad I checked mail and blogs at work. Must get ready for student now. It's application season and we have multiple students applying for master's programs at Harvard Divinity School and the University of Chicago and other fancy places, bless their smart hearts. Also Chicago Theological Seminary, a good United Church of Christ school with strong commitments to urban justice -- and yes, Jesus. :-)

    Keep praying for me, Mimi, I'm blogging but still not all there.

  4. Keep praying for me, Mimi, I'm blogging but still not all there.

    Jane, LOL. Sorry (straightening face), I know that it's not funny. I will pray, my friend.

  5. I think my senators (Clinton and Schumer) are covered. But this is, indeed, an extrardinarily important issue. Let's hope enough votes can be mustered.

    [Off-topic -- I'm giggling because your portrait of Aquinas above looks so much like my husband! Just more hair up top.)

    And forgive me if you've read or cited this before, but someone else directed me to this interview with Grace Lee Boggs. I'm in awe of the depth and breadth of her thinking, not to mention her experience.

    (Now there's you and Grace Lee. Any chance I'll be getting sharper and wiser beginning in another 20 years or so? No, I was afraid not).

  6. Klady, I hope your husband has a more cheerful expression. That's how I'm picturing him, anyway.

    I'll have a look at the Grace Lee Boggs link.

  7. Well, he's been known to crack a smile, more often than not, even lets out a raucous laugh once in awhile (I've got him reading MP, which helps), but between living with me and the teens and, the other week, taking a nasty tumble while rearranging something behind the lectern at church, this face is one we see at home every now and then. Wonder if Aquinas had arthritis, too.

  8. Glad I cause you to smile, Mimi. And thanks.

    Double thanks, actually -- for the prayers and for the civic rabble-rousing.

  9. Klady, prayers for your husband. Arthritis is a bitch. I have a touch of it.

    Jane, you're quite welcome.


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