Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Do Not Be Afraid - Of This Risen Life"

The children in our church planted the garden at the beginning of Lent, and here it is bursting with new life in bloom on the day when we celebrate the new life of the Risen Christ. Once again we are called to remembrance that we share this new life with Jesus Christ.

Ann sent me the link to this post from the Urban Hermit:

We share in the great awe and joy of the women at the tomb as we celebrate with all creation and make visible the new life that pulses through all creation.

So, the Resurrection greeting, “Do not be afraid”.

“Do not be afraid – of this Risen life.”

The entire post is surely worth a read. Thanks, Ann


  1. Thank you for the link. Thank you for you. Easter Blessings, dear Grandmere.

  2. (((((Grandmère Mimi)))))!!!

  3. Jan and PJ, love and hugs and Easter blessings back to you.

  4. Easter Joy- I love that garden Mimi, so beautiful.

  5. It is pretty. I took pictures of our Easter cross, which the children decorate with flowers, but they didn't come out.

  6. Beautiful! my own virtual flowers. :)

  7. How lovely -- I am rarely envious of those of you who live south of here, but early flowers ... Sigh.

    Happy Easter to you and Grandpere and all yours, Grandmere Mimi!

  8. Thanks, Diane and Kate. We are blessed to have blooms the year round.

    Kate, I'm pretty sad about the state of my country, and Canada seems a lovely place, but I wouldn't like the cold winters. A little cold goes a long way.

    Diane, I would not like your winters either, my friend.


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