Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To Blog Or Not To Blog

I've been giving serious thought to discontinuing my blog - maybe permanently, maybe temporarily. I'm not at all disappointed by my traffic. It's higher than I ever believed it would be. The problem is the time and effort it requires to do a decent job of it as opposed to what fruit the effort bears. I realize that's a difficult measurement to make.

My thinking is that many are doing a better job of blogging than I am, and an even greater number are doing equally good work. What really do I contribute to the conversation that's not already being said? I'm not one to post only occasionally. It's an every day job for me or nothing. If I took the blog to only occasional posts, the posts would come seldom to never. It seems to be an obsession or nothing for me.

I hope that you respect me enough to know that I'm not fishing for compliments about my blog or looking for bromides about soldiering on. I'm simply bouncing my thoughts off you, my readers, for better or for worse.

I've set up a separate email address on my sidebar for those who may be too shy to leave a comment. How to judge results versus time expended is what I'm trying to work out. In other words, could I better spend my time doing something else?

Of course, I'd still visit around and clutter up the comments boxes of other bloggers, so I wouldn't disappear. I wouldn't delete my blog, either, because I might change my mind.


  1. I think you have a unique voice, Grandmere, and a varied set of recurring topics that you pursue intelligently and at length.

    I laugh at the jokes you find, and look forward to reading what you have to say.

    But I understand about the time trade-off. If its an obsession or nothing for you, and you don't feel it's worth the time, then you should probably finding another obsession for a while. (And perhaps come back to blogging later, or just limit your "blogging" to making occasional comments at other blogs.)

  2. Why is it "all or nothing," Mimi?

    I'm not sure I have any good advice for you. I love your blog, but also understand how the time commitment can get to you...

    My blog is a place where I can ponder things that matter to me. I don't feel compelled to update it until I have something I want to say. Given the existence of RSS feeds, I figure the people who are interested in my musings will have put my blog on their feeds and will notice when I update and not worry about it when I don't.

    If I felt like I *had* to post constantly, I would hate it with the white hot passion of a thousand blazing suns...I only do deadlines when I get paid for them. ;-)

  3. I'm not sure why it's all or nothing, but I am feeling driven to post every day, and it's beginning to feel like something of a chore. It's not that I have nothing to say, (whether what I say is worthwhile or not is another thing) but it's the time it takes to say all I want to say.

    No one is paying me, and the only deadlines are imposed by moi. ;o)

  4. Mimi,

    yours is one of my two or three favorite blogs. We will keep up with one another, regardless, but I will miss your selection and take, plus the links only you provide.

    However you decide, cher Mimi and, as you point out, it aint irrevocable.

  5. Do what you need to do, dearest Mimi. I would miss your blog very much if you discontinued it, but you need to have a sense of control over your life and time, and hooboy do I understand that one! And I think Doxy is wise. Unhooking from the daily posts routine may be harder than stopping. Ponder well, stay in touch, and know of my support for whatever you decide. Much love and of course a big Southern Episcopal hug, Jane (and Maya Pavlova, the feline flirt)

  6. Well... I don't want you to blog if it's just another thing that you have to do. But, it really does seem more like an obsession problem than a blogging problem. Will some new obsession take the place of blogging? Just putting that out there.

    I think you have to ask what it is that you hope to accomplish with a blog before you can know whether or not it is worth the investment of time and energy.

    For me the blog is a place to put the things that are on my mind. It's a way to sort of be done with them. But, if it didn't accomplish that for me I probably wouldn't be interested in doing it anymore. The fact that others blog better/more/funnier/wiser/whatever doesn't bother me. Maybe I put something unique out there for someone, maybe not. Either way, I still have a place to put things and that's my objective. So far the payoff has been good for me and as an added bonus I've met some really swell people.

    I don't come to your blog so much for the news or even the commentary. I come because I like you. I think you have a good meeting place here, and I think it is a service to the blog world. I would miss The Wounded Bird. I hope you continue but I'll still like you no matter what you do.



  7. I think you have to ask what it is that you hope to accomplish with a blog before you can know whether or not it is worth the investment of time and energy.

    Lindy, I had to respond to that comment, first of all because it made me laugh, and second, because it was so right. What I want to accomplish is to save the world, save the US, save the Anglican Communion, and save the Episcopal Church. Modest goals, eh? All I want is to be is Jesus. I don't think even he could do all that. Therein lies the my problem.

    In addition, I'd like to post the occasional spiritual reflection and funny (or tragic) personal story. Obviously the goals are too great and too unfocused, so I need to consider your suggestion seriously.

  8. I've never understood why people would want to be like Jesus. After all, he got tortured and killed in the end, didn't he?

    I want to be like the Good Samaritan myself. Help people who need it, and then go on my merry way. ;-)

  9. I am one of the few who comment here(albeit sporadically) who hasn't fired-up his very own, personal blog.No way I have the time to do a blog with any integrity.I understand the commitment required for this effort.

    Mimi, your blog is unique within its family of progressive, mainly Episcopal, journals because of your passion(especially with respect to that damned war and its manifold casualities) and your Louisiana liberal political leanings.
    I check every day, and I would miss your voice in the fray of life.
    That said, follow your heart. If you go on sabbatical, I'll just look for richer comments from Grandmere at Jake's or Doxy's or any of the other places you and I frequent.

    All my best for your discernment.

  10. No! Don't go! I just found you! I guess I can see where you're coming from...if blogging has become a chore and you don't enjoy it, maybe it's not worth your time. BUT if you do enjoy it, and maybe could find a way to not have it be "all or nothing" then maybe it still has value. I don't know, but in my experience all or nothing isn't usually helpful.
    I hope you find clarity on this.

  11. Don't give up, Mimi - take a rest if you need to.
    "What I want to accomplish is to save the world, save the US, save the Anglican Communion, and save the Episcopal Church."
    I wish I was Anglican, I'd love to have you on my side! But I am in the US and the world (and also Louisiana!) and I want you to continue to try to save us!

  12. It's a tough decision to make, Grandmere, as I have learned myself this week in my "taking a break" season. Only you know the answer and where the balance must be struck.

    How about an occasional column, say on Wednesdays and Sundays? I considered that.

  13. Mimi, I'm about to can my blog for the same reasons as you. I need a life. Also, I need to reconnect with my physical community. I find that the more I get involved with the wonderful disembodied spirits who live inside my computer, the less time I have for the people who live in the same space as me, who God has given me responsibilities for.

    If you're feeling stressed, I'd encourage you to quit for a while. No one's telling you to blog; if it's become more of chore than a joy, don't do it.

  14. I would hate to lose your voice from the blogosphere, Mimi. Of course, you could always make appearances in the comments sections of other blogs, but having your own spot from which to speak is meaningful, imho.

    I remain astounded at bloggers like Jake and the even more estimable MP; I could never keep up with that pace. And realized I don't have to. It's better to say something when I've got something to say. So I hope you will stay in the b'sphere in this way, too... not feeling pressure, but sharing your voice as you are moved.

    As it was said at the Abbey of Thélème, quoted by Rabelais: Fay çe que voudras! That's a good Cajun recipe, I gua-ron-tee.

  15. Mimi!!

    Others have said some of the things that I was going to.

    First of all, I think that there is something about letting go of posting every day. Do it when you can, if you can do this and be free about it.

    As for quality- I have never seen anything less than great posts here and I do know you are not fishing for compliments.

    You are at once, serious, witty, informative and filled with spirit.

    I will honor whatever you do Grandmere, but please know that your presence would be so sorely missed by so many.

    Praying for you Grandmere.

  16. Grandmere, I hope you continue to blog even if at a reduced rate. I really enjoy your take on things. You, Elizabeth and the Mad One are "must checks" on a regular basis.

  17. What a great set of comments! And helpful, too, as I consider what to do. Like Tim, I want my life back with real people, at least part of it. I seem not to have much self-discipline when it comes to the internet. One thing leads to another, - voila! - hours have passed.

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  19. I agree with Oyster. Mimi, you do have a unique voice. Maybe it's being a layperson, maybe it's being a Southerner, maybe it's having a little more life experience, or maybe it's all of the above. Your blog deals with a variety of topics from Red Letter Days to Red Beans and Rice. You are passionate, but never bitter.

    I do not always agree with you. Politically, you are definitely more liberal than I am. But I always respect what you say even when I find my own feelings and convictions in a different place.

    I hope you still continue to write. I'll still continue to read.

  20. to be honest, I've taken almost the same step. I put up a video or two or some quote but I am just swamped and hate feeling guilty about not posting often enough.

    Do what you have to do - just don't stop posting all together.

    Oh, I meant to call and tell you, David will still be in the New Orleans area in June but I have to be in Chicago that week for internship stuff. I hate that I won't see you in June. On the other hand, you know how I am about Chicago.

    As far as the blog goes, do what you have to do. One or two posts a week is quite a lot for some blogs. You work so hard to put three or four things up a day sometimes. It has to be exhausting.

  21. Dennis, I know that you love
    chicago better than you love me. I'm sorry we won't get to see each other, but love is love.

  22. PLEASE DON'T QUIT YOUR BLOG. that's all I have time for right now.

    I know you aren't fishing, because I have had similar feelings, on occasion.

  23. I think blogging is like drinking - some people can do it in moderation, but some of us seem to be unable to do that. Sooner or later, no matter how good our resolutions, we end up back in the addictive cycle.

    Others protest that they really enjoyed the conversations over the cocktails. So did we, but on the other hand, we were the ones who woke up with the hangover...

    I speak figuratively, you understand!

  24. Oh, Tim! I'm going to need a drink or two or three to get me through withdrawal. I think you may be on to something.

  25. I don't think I have much to add to what has already been said, but I so second those who recommend slowing down a little bit. It should be fun for you, Mimi. If you expect too much of yourself, it stops being fun.

    And now for a bit of fun in the "I wish I had thought of that" category. See what JoeMyGod found HERE.

    And then (no cheating now) AFTER seeing it in Russian at Joe's, check out the version with English subtitles.

  26. I'm going to need a drink or two or three to get me through withdrawal.


    I didn't! But then I know that my blog, or rather my new blog will be there after Labor Day. (If not before, if I get restless!)

    The summer heat suggests the answer: Sling a hammock! Then take a note-pad and pencil, and spend delicious moments writing, or thinking about writing. A good glass of something early evening also helps ;-)

    That's exactly what I intend to do!

  27. Mimi, having started a blog now myself, I know what a chore it can be. I'll be going back to work in a week or two after being laid up with my leg, so I'll have to ration my blogging time prett strictly.

    I come here because I need a rational voice to remind me of what is important, and there aren't too many of them that I've found.

    And it does not hurt that you love opera.

    If you have to cut back, cut back to one post a day or a couple of posts every three or four days.

  28. Grandmère, I will absolutely hate it if you decided to quit. You are one of the first places I come when I log onto the computer--any computer. I greatly respect your point of view and feel much would be lost if you entirely quit the blogosphere. Please keep blogging even if it is only occasionally. Much will be lost if you do not.

  29. Dear Grandmère Jesus,

    We all do what we can knowing that in reality it has all already been done.

    I hope you can have a full and rich life in the "real" world while maintaining a presence here too. Just a presence. We've all already been saved. Thanks anyway though. I love that you were willing to give so much for the cause. But, it really is OK just to do what you do.

  30. arrggghhh - no no non - do not quit -- I love your blog - I always check on it. But don't feel guilty if you quit.

  31. I'm so new here that all I can say is that I find your blog to be unique, and I would hate to see it end. But no one can tell you whether to do it or not. That answer has to come from your inner soul.

  32. Take a vacation and get out of the habit of daily blogging. If after a few months, you want to start up again and do occasional posts, do so. You run the blog - the readers don't, the blog doesn't.


  33. I come here daily (actually multiple times a day) with expectation but that should be taken as a compliment and not as pressure to produce. Of course, you know I am an utterly compulsive blogger.

    You do have a voice that is all your own. I think I should like to say what johnieb said (and others). You need not write daily or even often, but we do hope the spigot will not be turned off altogether.

    You will be loved whatever you do.

  34. To paraphrase something my mother would say, "You want something to blog about, June? Don't make me come down there and kiss you so you'll have something to blog about."

    Listen, my darling, everyone here loves you and gives you permission to slow down. Hell, I haven't posted anything today. My day started at 5 AM and is just now coming to a close at midnight and I'm not feeling at all guilty.

    Even the Mad One takes a hiatus from time to time - usually with more fanfare and drama.

    So, take a break. Slow down. Or, I'll come to NOLA and kiss you again. Your choice. This time, however, there WILL be pictures.

  35. Look up, "Sabbatical." Shakespeare did not write constantly.

    My less ambitious goal is to write a reasonable essay once a week. Some months it is more like every third week, because I am busy, or simply have nothing much to say.

    Where is it written you have to state (or worse yet achieve) a particular goal. Write when you feel like it, relax when you feel like it, go over to OCICBW and harass the mad one a lot.

    I think you write some interesting and evocative things, I should hate to see you simply stop, but you have options.


  36. Mike in Texas, you are very, very naughty. The videos were hilarious.

    Dear Grandmère Jesus,

    Lindy, it's a Spanish name, you know.

    Well, Dr. Elizabeth, what can I do but obey you? I'm too frightened to do anything else. Next time pictures.

    Jim, excellent advice. Excellent advice from many of you. Control freak that I am, I'm usually giving it out, rather than on the receiving end. You didn't know I was a control freak? Oh, you have no idea how truly crazy I am. Thanks for the good and kind words from all of you.

  37. Paul, I do blame you a little, you know. I believe that I was trying to keep up with you, and it was just not possible. Not in a competitive way, but just using you as a role model. Never gonna happen. Gotta give it up.

  38. Mimi, I have to go with the majority. If need be, post less often and build up a little anticipation.

    Don't stick around if it's not fun any more, but don't imagine that there's any pressure to compete with those of our mutual friends who seem able to come up with wonderfully original and lengthy stuff every day or so. They've obviously made some sort of deal with Mephistopholes.....

  39. In a purely selfish way, I'd be very sorry to see you "go."

    My suggestion would be to listen to Doxy & that Evil Lesbian Priestess. I mean really, gorgeous women who give great advice - what more do you want ?! ;)

  40. If need be, post less often and build up a little anticipation.

    Rick, what if the next post doesn't meet expectations?

    David, of course, you're right. I believe Dr. Elizabeth may have scared me into compliance with her orders. And Doxy - well, she writes so beautifully that I would never try compete, but I could try her advice.

  41. You two are going to turn my head...

    (Thanks for the kind words!)

  42. Doxy wrote, You two are going to turn my head...

    You certainly turn my head, darlin' ;) (I've seen pictures)

    ::blows a kiss to our hostess for good measure, too::

  43. David, kisses for good measure notwithstanding, I'm trying to run a clean blog, and I simply can't have this sort of carrying on here.


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