Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Voted!


"And when one glides low over a mirror-smooth body of water...!" - Paul the BB

Yesterday, I took advantage of the early voting procedure. There was no crowd, only a steady stream of voters making their way to the electronic machines, which I do not trust to record the votes properly. Nor do I have confidence that they will not be hacked. It's been proved that it can be done, and that it's not all that difficult. But it's all I have, so I voted.

I voted for Barack Obama (D) - Joe Biden (D) for president. Yay! It's done.

I voted for Mary Landrieu (D) for the Senate.

I voted for Chip Badeaux (R) rather than Beau Brooks (R) for the vacant position on the Thibodaux City Council. As you see, both are Republicans, but for a city office-holder, party doesn't really matter all that much. I know Chip, but I don't know Beau, and I'd find it a little hard to vote for someone named Beau, unless I knew him. How can a parent name a boy the equivalent of handsome? Suppose they grow up to be ugly. I know a young woman named Jolie, and fortunately she grew up to be pretty. But it's a risk.

I voted for some of the several constitutional amendments to the state constitution and against others. The Louisiana legislators think they must put everything into the constitution, rather than just pass laws. As a result, it is a bloated document, which will soon need to be redone in a constitutional convention. They should stop.

Now for a little soul-baring. I am a wreck, and I will be a wreck until the election is over. I relate well to Larry David's essay posted by Fran.

I can't take much more of this. Two weeks to go, and I'm at the end of my rope. I can't work. I can eat, but mostly standing up.

Five times a day I'll still say to someone, "I don't know what I'm going to do if McCain wins." Of course, the reality is I'm probably not going to do anything. What can I do? I'm not going to kill myself.

I just don't like what I've turned into -- and frankly I wasn't that crazy about me even before the turn. This election is having the same effect on me as marijuana. All of my worst qualities have been exacerbated. I'm paranoid, obsessive, nervous, and totally mental. It's one long, intense, bad trip. I need to come down. Soon.

Leave out the marijuana and Larry David is me, or I, or whatever. My bad trip comes without the aid of psychoactive substances. I want to sleep, sleep, sleep. Wake me when it's over to rejoice or to weep.

If you're wondering what the picture has to do with the post, the answer is nothing. The egret was in my neighbor's front yard, and it was a lovely thing to see. I see many egrets, but not often in front yards. The sight cheered me a little, and I wanted to post one of the pictures of the beautiful bird. I've named him/her Beau.

The election has done its work. It's made me crazy. Good thing I voted first.


  1. Me too...I did what you did (almost) as I live abroad and didn´t know my beaus from my guapos in this line all the way!

  2. I'm going the early voting thing tomorrow morning. I always feel better once it is done because I can stop paying attention to the madness.

    But this year has been different. At some point McCain just became irrelevant to me. I think it may have been the day he introduced the Veep Babe.

  3. An 84 year old American who lives here (in New Zealand) and has never voted in his life, has voted for the first time - for Obama. He felt this election was very very important...

  4. I voted today. In fact, that's what tomorrow's post will be about. I am SOOOO ready for this to be over.

    I love the egret.

  5. Me, too, Mimi. Wish I could vote early - and often ;~)

  6. I wish I could do that, but it is 11/4 for me.

    Thanks for the link!

  7. Hey, Gram, isn't Beau usually short for Beauregard?

    If you saw the post on my blog a couple days ago - I'm having much anxiety over the belief that they will steal the election yet again.

  8. Leonardo, party line all the way this time, and you can't go wrong.

    Mike, I wish I could stop paying attention.

    Steph, that is good news. Another vote for Obama. I pray there are many first time voters who will go for Obama.

    Elizabeth, I may try again on 11/4.

    No, no! Just kidding! In case the powers are reading this.

    Ruth, the egret was a nice surprise. I also found out just today that I can zoom in with my camera more than I realized.

    Renz, Beauregard means good looking. It's the same thing. Sometimes Beau is the full name around here.

    Yes, I am anxious.

  9. Fran, you're welcome to the link. Thank you for Larry David.

  10. There's nothing like piles of grading to be done, and a week's worth of lecture slides to be made, to take one's mind off the election.

    Is Adlai Stevenson running again?

  11. Counterlight, just get out there and vote for the Democrats. Never mind names.

  12. Wow - speaking as an amateur bird watcher, that's one beautiful egret. We get them here too, but they don't come into our yards. They must know you folks down in the South are gentler than we are!

  13. The egret is beautiful Grandmere.

    And in your election restlessness, don't forget the Prayers for National Life, beginning on page 820, especially the prayer For an Election (#24) on pg 822.

    It goes like this:
    Almighty God, to whom we must account for all our powers and privileges: Guide the people of the United States in the election of officials and representatives, that, by faithful administration and wise laws, the rights of all may be protected and our nation be enabled to fulfill your purposes: through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    or #27 and #28 are good too.

    Of course, I always found that chopping wood helps too....!

  14. Tim, thank you. What do you do to your egrets?

    Margaret, thanks for the reminder of the prayers. I believe I'll use them rather than chopping wood. Not that there's anything wrong with chopping wood.

  15. Aren't egrets wonderful? I used to work right at the edge of the Aquatic Park in Berkeley and watched various waterfowl all year long, following their various migratory patterns. An egret in the early morning is a stunningly beautiful thing to watch. And when one glides low over a mirror-smooth body of water...!

  16. we vote by mail here in WA. David and I filled ours out (+2 for Obama, +2 for Gov. Gregoire (D.)) Instead of mailing them I carried them in to the county clerks office today.

    I suppose that I should say that I am now free to stop reading the political blogs but and come back to the Episcopal ones but it isn't over yet.

    We will be in Paris on election day so I am hoping that we can celebrate with lots of good wine there.

  17. I think if it wasn't for the inevitable vote rigging, it would be a landslide in favour of Obama. All the Americans I know, or know of, here are voting for Obama and are vocal about it. He will win and I'm relieved.

    I really like Obama of course and would vote for him if I could but I still wish he was a little less conservative. And his talk on war frightens me although not as much as the weirdo opposition and at least he's more composed and intelligent, and not a war proud gun toter.

  18. Chere Grandmere, bien aimee

    An American friend who called last night laughed when I shared how I find my self holding my figurative breath over the outcome of the 4th.

    'Aren't you Canadian,' he asked.

    But I think in part at least, we all feel we have an extraordinary stake in this elections which has nothing to do with the bonheaded arrogance and stupidity of the Republicans, but rather a sense that with a Democratic victory we might be in for something wondrous and transformative, after too many years of fear, darkness, lies and war.

    So yes, holding my breath here north of the 49th I say bring on the wonder!


  19. Dear Grandmère, I just voted today and will post on this in the next 24 hours, if not sooner. Quite an experience. I have never seen lines like this.

    I am increasing the prayer and time for breathing, and want to thank Margaret for reminding us of the perspective that our tradition brings.

    Love to you all from me and +Maya (who doesn't vote, but who makes sure I behave)

  20. Paul, your words got promoted. Look under the picture.

    Instead of mailing them I carried them in to the county clerks office today.

    Dennis, you must have seen the recommendation that hand-carrying is the best to way to go with votes by mail to the proper office.

    Cher David, watch and pray, or I should say pray and watch. The whole world watches, because the actions of the leadership in the US affect the whole world.

    Jane, did you see that I posted Margaret's prayer suggestion? I await your post, chère amie.

  21. I don't like to vote early. There's nothing that feels quite so patriotic as stepping into a voting booth, and then sticking my ballot into the box.

  22. WE, suppose I got sick, so sick I could not go to the polls on election day. Not that it would matter, because Louisiana will go for McCain, but I want to play my part in making history.


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