Sunday, April 5, 2009

In The Bloomin' Garden

Yersterday was a beautiful, cool spring day. The sun shone with only a few wispy clouds in the sky. We tend to jump from winter to summer here, with little that we can call spring weather, but we had spring yesterday. Our garden is not near its high point with blooming flowers, but I found a few flowering plants which are pleasing to the eye.

Mock Orange

There's another name for this bush, but I can't think of it now.


More Petunias


Impatiens Vincas

Thanks to Lisa for the correction.

Red Tip Photinia

I'm not sure about the name for this bush. The leaves at the top are a reddish color. We have four of them planted in front of the house, but only one has blooms of any consequence. Online I find only a redtop grass.

UPDATE: I corrected the name of the bush in the bottom photo. Thanks to Pat-Arkansas for the proper name.


  1. Loved your flower photos, Mimi. We've had Spring for a few days, now Winter is coming back upon us, with a hard freeze due tonight and tomorrow night.

    The plant in your last photo is Red-Tip Photinia. I've never seen one with that many blooms. You must be treating it well.

  2. Pat, we have never seen the bush with this many flowers before, and it's 25 years old. Thanks so much for the name. I'll edit the post to show the proper name. When my husband saw the picture, he asked me where it was taken. I had to take him outside to prove to him that it was actually our bush with all the blossoms.

    Sorry you're getting a hard freeze. We often get your weather, though not quite as cold. I'll check to see if the cold weather will come our way.

  3. Thank you for the pictures that promise spring. I love mock orange. Doesn't grow here though. The snow is melting and I can see the grass, although it's far from green. The lakes are still quite frozen. Ice out is usually the early part of May. After that spring really comes. The daffodils should be coming out soon though now that we're into April.

  4. MA, you're way up there in the North. It would seem strange to have cold weather so far into the year.

  5. Beautiful! We had some crocuses starting to pop up this week.

    They're under an inch of snow now, with more on the way.

  6. Bubs, the little flowers that peep up out of the snow seem so full of courage and hope to me.

  7. Here in the Northern Midwest we have the green heads of the daffodil leaves, and a few crocuses but mostly only the browns and grays with no promise of spring - yet. Tonight there even will be 3-6 more inches of wet snow and the temperatures will bounce into the depths quite a few times this week.

    But your pictures of a flowering spring gives me hope. Blessings.

  8. Spring is just getting started here in NYC, and so far, it's cold and wet.

  9. Pat-Arkansas, we got your weather. It's quite chilly today, but the sun is peeping out.

    Ciss B, the crocuses are so brave.

    I had a full dose of the Northern England "spring" while I was "over there", cold and windy, with a few mild spring-like days mixed in.

    Ahh, New York. I wish I could be there, but after spring kicks in and does what it ought to do.

  10. Beautiful. You give us in the more northerly reasons hope and a promise of what may come our way in a few weeks...

  11. It's certainly spring in Louisiana, even the photos show new budding babies!
    And what a sweet baby!

  12. Tobias, spring - hope - new life - Easter. That's what it's all about. I'm pleased to send a ray of hope to my friends in the North.

    Erika, MadPriest didn't like the picture I had. He said he didn't recognize me at the train station, because I don't look like the other picture. Maybe this one will help folks recognize me. Jump forward 73 years, and you have me.

  13. Mimi
    I recognised you immediately, and so did Saintly Ramblings. This may say more about MadPriest than about your photo!
    But you were a very cute little girl!

  14. These pictures make me long for spring. Actually we had some at Stockholm today, but it was 5 minus when I went to Liverpool/Leeds.

    In a fortnight I will be moving to our cottage in the island off Gothenburgh and that would probably mean radar shadow for a while...

    But then, I shall restore the flower bed by the gate, and plant a new rose-bush instead of the old dead one ;=)

  15. We had two whole days of sunshine in Seattle this weekend and trees are beginning to bloom in the big, bad city. It might be asking too much for sunshine on Easter Day; should have saved some from Palm Sunday, just in case.

    Speaking of Palm Sunday, our service was perfectly bipolar.

  16. KJ, two whole days of sunshine in Seattle! I don't believe it.

    Tell me about the bipolar service.

  17. Thanks for the lovely photos, Mimi. We used to have mock orange on the slope below our house in the East Bay hills - except it grew over mounds of dried underbrush of Scotch broom that we had to yank because it was such a fire hazard. I love mock orange.

  18. Three days! Good thing I know exactly where I store my sunglasses.

    Our "bipolar" service was the movement from joy to the passion in the same service. St. Mark's, affectionally known as the "Holy Box", is big, cavernous and so ugly, it's beautiful (You can see some pictures of the place at my Flickr page -- So, when we process on Palm Sunday -- horns, flutes, string instruments and all kinds of noisemakers, create a very celebratory sound in the reverberant space. Then the Flentrop organ kicks in, "All Glory Laud and Honor." As you know, the Gospel readings take us to a different place.

    At first I didn't like that, and still a bit puzzled why we read through to the burial, but I do like the reminder to the questions, "What kind of king? What kind of kingdom?"

    Dammit! Now I've gone and gotten all Episcopalian all over your nice little blog.

  19. Paul, I should have taken a picture of my son's mock orange and posted it. It's larger and covered with blossoms, truly gorgeous.

    KJ, your pictures are lovely. Why not get all Episcopalian here? Your bipolar liturgy sounds lovely. The Gospels are bipolar, too.

    I gather that the eager puppy was not in the procession. And a participent in the procession played the flute while processing!

  20. I could have served as an acolyte, but wanted to play with my camera. The Holy Box is a great canvas.

    Our associate music director CAN walk and play the flute at the same time. He's very talented.

  21. your red tips bloom? we have 10 or 11 of them down one side of the lot (trying to get a hedge out of them) and not one bloom ever. must be the bayou soil!

  22. Dennis, the bushes have had a bloom or two over the years, but we've never seen anything like this many blossoms before. And it's just one bush that's blooming.


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