Thursday, April 2, 2009

Remember Her?

Thanks to a reader.


  1. But even the Maya´s didn´t expect/predict such horrid pollution from the ramblings of one human being! Perhaps we´ve got a chance to save the planet if we get really GREEN and get REALLY NICE before the onslaught of the Alaskan, mini, yet deadly, bigmouthed (know-it-all know nothing) seek and destroy REALITY virus.

  2. I check up on the Alaskan blogs every now and then, and it seems that the Palin debacle is in full swing...

    ... "-gates" of every kind and all over :-(

  3. ...the Alaskan, mini, yet deadly, bigmouthed (know-it-all know nothing) seek and destroy REALITY virus.

    Wow, Leo! What a mouthful and an apt description of the Alaskan gal.

    Göran, we have not seen the last of her. To too many she is a folk hero, more's the pity. What kind of folk could make her their hero?

  4. This "the world is supposed to end anyway" stuff is apparently widespread. Read an article in the Bangor Daily News (Maine) that said the date is 12-21-12. Couldn't tell how serious the author was. Just add Ms. Palin to the mix and it gets pretty weird.

  5. Here is the link to the article that MA references. Strange, indeed.

  6. Not to worry, she will eventually make some huge gaffe and take herself out of the picture.

  7. Airedale, I dn't know. She's made gaffe's enough for 10 people, and she still has her followers. That McCain let himself be persuaded to have her as his running mate still stuns me.

  8. Haha, I love this.

    Wait, it is meant to be funny, isn't it?

    Mimi, I've got to catch up with you and your blog. Things have been kee-razy here this week. You'll hear from me later. So be afraid! :)

  9. PJ, I thought it was funny.

    I know about kee-razy. I'm afraid, very afraid.

    I'm looking at my strange apostrophe in my previous comment.

  10. As I drive down to St. Gregory's Abbey (Michigan), to visit w/ Prior Aelred, I pass a rural residence w/ two "McCain-Palin" signs out front...

    ... only "McCain" has been covered over, w/ a hand-written "2012" date.

    I've no doubt that the sign wearers aren't being sarcastic in the least.



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