Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Notes On D025 From Around The Intertubes

From Richard Helmer at The Lead:

If you’re starting to notice a thread here, so am I. We have reached a epochal boundary at the General Convention of The Episcopal Church where, at last, who we are is being articulated and revealed to not only ourselves, but to the greater world. D025’s passage in the House of Deputies on Sunday afternoon was a turning point. C061 on Monday continued the fuller recognition of our identity expressed in our diversity of many individuals coming together as the Body of Christ through one baptism.

But the centrality of this thread today was revealed to me by a piece of paper that made its way to our deputation table shortly before we recessed for the evening. On it was the message that the House of Bishops, by over a 2-to-1 margin, had concurred on resolution D025 with minimal amendment. Many of us were, quite honestly, astonished. We had expected some consternation from the HoB, at least an effort to make major amendments to D025, or perhaps a straight no vote on the resolution to show the Anglican Communion how many of our bishops were willing to hold the line, even over and against their larger, senior House.

So it was not simply another day at General Convention. It was an extraordinary day, a watershed day, a epochal boundary in our evolving life as The Episcopal Church. . .a day of resurrection for many of our brothers and sisters and all of us together called by Christ to new life.

From Fr. Christian at GAFCON:

On D025:

And whatever this else means one thing is certain; a letter and three digits prove the Church has taken one small step into the future, but one giant leap closer to God.

Lisa at My Manner of Life is eating crow, as I am. I am still surprised and delighted by the vote in both houses.

I have been dubious, even depressed and hopeless that the Bishops would concur with D025. I didn't believe D025 had a chance of passing the House of Bishops. They proved me wrong … quickly … and by a 99 to 45 margin. I am astonished and nearly speechless.

As I have said to some of you, I know I have to eat a lot of crow now. I was miserably wrong about the Bishops. It never occurred to me that they would concur with this resolution at all -- much less by such a wide margin. But I am delighted. So … I will try to find some crow, and recipes for well-served crow, suggestions for appropriate side dishes, etc. I will happily do so.

Lisa is accepting recipes for cooking crow.

I may add updates throughout the day.

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  1. I also have to eat crow. Tastes just fine to me. I am SO glad I was wrong.


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