Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prayers Please

From Roseann:


Well, I'm on another roller coaster ride. My blood pressure has dropped so low that dialysis isn't working. My arms are swollen to twice their size and I'm having respiratory and heart issues. I'm going to have another dialysis tomorrow where they just pull off fluid. My nephrologist is really concerned but being at home makes me feel better than being in the hospital. Gary is having a hard time with all this because I keep spiraling downward. Please keep him in your prayers.

From Doxy:

Today is the day that my BIL, Jim, has his MRI to see what, if anything,the chemo/radiation has done to his brain tumor. I will be bold enough to ask again for prayers for Jim and Ruthie.

From Doorman Priest:

Greetings all,
I heard this morning from the church's Examinations Committee. They wish to meet with me on 2nd October. (Oh, THAT soon?) This is not of itself a bad thing: there is always such a meeting following the completion of training and it may lead to the finalisation of an ordination date. I have not had my essay returned (again) so I think I can assume that it was, together with various reports and references, acceptable.

However, I have learnt not to raise my hopes and do not necessarily assume that this will be a formality. I wouldn't at all be surprised to be given other tasks to complete before any discussion about ordination. I have also been given no clue as to the format of this meeting.

I would appreciate your continued prayers.

My niece, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lumpectomy a few weeks ago, had lymph node surgery yesterday. All lymph nodes were clear of cancer. Thanks be to God!


  1. Thanks, Mimi. It's good to have you home!

    Prayers for all. That is good news indeed about your niece.


  2. Prayers, of course, for one and all.

  3. Doxy, thank you. It's good to be home.

  4. Prayers for all, and I'm so delighted about the news from your niece!

  5. Praying and praying for all.

  6. Prayers ascending. And thanksgivings for the good news about your .


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