Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wenchoster Calendar For July



During my trip to England, when our group of bloggers met for lunch at the Tiled Hall in Leeds back in March, Canon Daphne Pullover, who writes the regular feature, The Word From Wormingdale in the "Pharisaios Journal", brought me a gift packet from the Diocese of Wenchoster.

If you click on the calendar, you will see the the larger view of the feast days and activities in the diocese. The names of certain of the saints are unfamiliar to me, but I'm sure that their calendar must be the most accurate.

I'm sorry to be a little late in posting, as I know some of you like to keep up. I'll try to do better next month.

For those of you who are too lazy to click, the feasts and activities are listed below.

1. Feria.

2. Feria.

3. St. Thomas the Apostle.

4. "Doubting Fair" at Farp.

5. Trinity 4.

6. Diocesan Church Schools Festival.

7. Feria

8. Apparition of Our Lady at Wenchoster Parva 2004.

9. Feria. It always is.

10. Feria.

11. St. Catherine of the Wheel.

12. Trinity 5.

13. Feria.

14. Cathedral Refectory cleaning day.

15. St. James the Throttler.

16. Feria.

17. Feria. Also.

18. Ferret racing at Mollusk.

19. Trinity 6

20. Feria.

21. Feria.

22. Mary Magdaline.

23. St. Vivian with the Walk.

24. Feria. It always is.

25. James the Apostle.

26. Trinity 7.

27. Feria.

28. St. Mark of the Deluge.

29. Flower Festival at Duncan Sands.

30. Feria. Again.

31. St. Otto the Gruff.

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