Saturday, October 24, 2009

Post Deleted

I deleted the post of the video "The Best Wedding Entrance Ever" because the songwriter of "Forever", Chris Brown, was arrested for abusing his girlfriend. I didn't want the song on my blog.

As I understand it, the couple in the video, the Kleins, didn't know and are donating proceeds to advocates against domestic violence.


  1. God bless you Grandmere. I so admire your integrity. (But it was a grand entrance...! I think we should do every wedding processional just like that. Let's just find different music!)

  2. Margaret, I had to do it. I feel so bad for the Kleins.

  3. Sorry to have been the killjoy (I assume I am since my comment wasn't posted).

  4. It's sad (I like the tune and bought it from iTunes before I found out about the abuse) because it could have been a good idea... and I like how the couple turned this disaster to good -- they are asking people to donate to Wellstone Action ( and so far more than $21K has been raised. If you look closely at the vid, you'll see the URL -- it's


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