Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jesus Dear

One glorious night in stable cold
A babe is born in days of old.
O Mother Mary, do you hear
The angels sing of Jesus Dear?

As Jesus Dear your arms embrace,
You see His face so full of grace,
Your overflowing love abounds,
Heark'ning to the angels' sounds.

Your arms around Him keep Him warm.
You vow He'll never come to harm.
Yet in your heart there dwells a fear
Of hurt to come to Jesus Dear.

A shadow of a cross falls o'er
To pierce your loving heart well sore.
O Mother Mary, what distress
To mar the blessed happiness!

He'll grow in wisdom and in grace,
A Babe no more in form and face.
Sweet Mary, do I see a tear?
Weep not. He's yet your Jesus Dear.

From Luke: 1-3

June Butler (12-24-09)


  1. Thank you for this bedtime poem. Like Mary, I shall carry these words in my heart.

  2. Thanks for the greetings.

    About the poem, if anyone has constructive criticism to offer, I'd appreciate hearing your opinion.


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