Friday, January 15, 2010


The remains of the collapsed cathedral in Port-au-Prince.

Photo by Philipe Qualo courtesy of Mark Harris at Preludium.

Holy Trinity Cathedral before the earthquake.

Photo courtesy of Caminante.

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A Prayer for Haiti:

Almighty Father, God of mercies and giver of comfort, deal graciously, we pray, with the people of Haiti in the midst of the great suffering caused by the catastrophic earthquake. May they cast all their care on you and know the consolation of your love.

Give us the courage, zeal, wisdom and patience to assist them, not only in these first days and weeks of urgent need, but as they continue to need the care and partnership of all their sisters and brothers around the world in the long and difficult work of healing and rebuilding.

Grant eternal life to those who have died, healing to the injured and strength to all the survivors, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

The Ven. Dr. J. Fritz Bazin Archdeacon for Immigration and Social Concerns Diocese of Southeast Florida

H/T to Andrew Gerns at The Lead.


  1. There are no words, but prayers ascending even so!

  2. Such a sad picture. So many sad pictures.

  3. It is one sad picture among so very many.

  4. As I ponder the quake and events of Haiti and Holy Trinity, my Great Grandfather, Rt. Rev. Harry Roberts Carson, the former Bishop (2nd in Haiti) buried under the ruble at the place would he have wanted to be then still with the gracious and loving people of Haiti. Their steadfastness and common prayerful life shall lead them forward in the rebuilding of their promise land. I try in a small way to continue the rich rewarding experience and faithfulness through efforts in a small mission at Plaine-du-nord through Catmon Foundation International.

    -Guy Buckmaster

  5. Guy, I'm sorry. God bless you in your work in Haiti.

  6. As I continue to work in Haiti, small progress is beginning. Real relief of the oppression of poverty needs to begin to be instituted as well. I have been working to restore coffee and processing for the highest quality to better achieve stable and highest revenue potential. ( and The Clinic of Hope was just completed at Plaine du Nord in the north. 900 are attending the C.E.M.P. school at Plaine du Nord too! In Belle Fountaine, 188 children are fed and clothed along with their free education. The treating of over 2,000 burn patients a month is now the average at Cap Haitien at For Haiti With Love. I will be back in Haiti January 7th in Port au Prince and will stop in to see Holy Trinity - I would love to visit the Bishop, but can never seem to connect - even when I send emails. I have visit with ArchBishop Louis Kebreau (Catholic), but just cant seem to get an audience with Rt. Rev. Jean-Zache Duracin no matter how hard I try - or pray! Hello my Grandmere Mimi! -Guy Buckmaster (

  7. Guy, I'm sorry you've not been able to connect with Bp. Duracin. Keep up the good work in Haiti.

  8. I have a true call to see Bp. Duracin, can you help me reach? Bless you, Guy

  9. Guy, I can't help, but perhaps Mark Harris at Preludium can help you. He has many friends in Haiti.


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