Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The words in italics are mine. The rest are snippet paraphrases of Obama's speech.

Waiting for the SOTU. I'm not hopeful. The president may prove me wrong.

Michelle Obama looks terrific.

The worst of the storm has passed. ???

Americans want a chance to get ahead.

I have never been more hopeful about American's future than I am tonight. ???

Everyone hated the bank bailout.

A fee on the biggest banks to get taxpayers money back.

Harry Ried yawns on camera. Wait, Harry, the speech just started.

Jobs are our first priority.

The house explodes in applause. Whew! We can look away from health care reform.

Build high speed trains.

Stop giving tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas.

Everyone loves investment in safe, clean nuclear power plan, investments in offshore oil, gas, and clean coal.

Double our exports over five years. ???

I want to live in the country that Obama talks about. How can I get there?

Give our young people a world class education.

Ten grand tax credit for 4 years of college. Student loans forgiven after 20 years, ten years those who work in public service.

Still need health care reform. Even the Republicans applauded!

She (Michelle) is the best.

Health care reform is a complex issue.

If anyone has a better plan, let me know.

Bush inherited a surplus and left a deficit.

Government budget freeze, but not in defense, Medicare, Medicaid, SS.

Defense needs a freeze.

Pay as you go.

Republican administration policy in previous 8 years - extended tax cuts to the wealthy, deregulated....

Didn't pay for two wars, cut taxes on the wealthy - brought on huge deficit.

Obama is in fantasy land on Afghanistan.

All combat troops out of Iraq by August of this year, so that's something.

Secure all nuclear weapons in four years. ?

Finally, he will push getting rid of DADT. Finally. Can he do it with a stroke of his pen?

Chris Matthews wonders who Obama is. Thinks Obama's gotta be frustrated that he reaches out to Republicans, and they don't respond.

Me: Give it up, already, Mr. President!

Me and Howard Fineman agree! If the presidency was about speeches, the jackhammers would be working on Mt. Rushmore.

But, he needs to win something in legislation. Duh.


  1. What flavor of kool aid were you drinking with your usual double vodka?

  2. So then, Jim, will you be a continuing presence in my virtual life?

  3. Given their track record of accomplishments over the last year, I'd like to find out if the Senate Republicans can actually carry out -- not just threaten -- a filibuster.

  4. Isn't it interesting, Mimi, how the right-wing nutjobs feel the need to hang out on progressive blogs, bloviating about what's wrong with liberals (as opposed to any useful concepts about a way to fix things)?

    It's almost as if someone might actually hear the truth if there weren't a right-winger to drown it out with whining.

  5. You were not the only one thinking about other things during the speech read here

  6. I was putting together a kitchen table from IKEA. Helped me get through the speech. Did like some bits though.

  7. I wonder what brand of White Lightnin' Jim in Georgia drinks.

    "I want to live in the country that Obama talks about. How can I get there?"

    That sums it up for me.

    As for the rest, I'll believe it when I see it.

  8. I am never distracted by the visuals since there has been no T.V. hookup in this house since 1998. I listened on NPR and then turned off when the "talking heads" started "spinning."

  9. Paul (A.), I LONG for the Dems to call the Repugs' bluff on the filibuster - a real filibuster where they read the phone book, not a procedural faux filibuster.

    Mark, don't get Jim started. He's been here and done what he thinks is just that.

    Ann, I found myself feeling a little sorry for Biden and Pelosi, sitting there in the spotlight with nothing to do. I know that I'd have tics if I were in their position.

    As for the rest, I'll believe it when I see it.

    Counterlight, me too.

    ...there has been no T.V. hookup in this house since 1998.

    Boocat, y'all are brave and strong people.

  10. I worked on a jigsaw puzzle -- actually helps me pay attention. I listened to all of Dubya's SOTU speeches so why not last night?

    Given the length of the speech last night, I got a fair amount of the puzzle done.

  11. Mimi,

    As you wish, dear lady! (But, he's still a jackass!)

  12. Caminante, at times, I could not last through Bush's speeches.

    Mark, thanks, love. Mwah.

    I'm watching Stephen Colbert. He said that iPad barely squeaked past tamPod as the name for Steve Jobs new toy.


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