Monday, February 1, 2010


Feast of St Alfred-cum-Chasuble, 1902

Shown above is the official calendar from the Diocese of Wenchoster. The feast days are somewhat different from the usual Episcopal/Anglican calendar and include saints of whom I have never heard, although I'm sure they're quite worthy of honor - although I confess to a small doubt about St Bernard the Butcher.

As usual, click on the pictures for the larger view.


  1. I, myself, can hardly wait for the Wormingdale Collop Supper.

  2. Or the Procession of Flagellants at Tytt.

  3. Susan, the Collop Supper sounds interesting, but I'll skip the flagellants procession. However, I'd like to take the sackcloth embroidery course.

    I looked up the meaning of collop before I made my statement above. Did you know what the word meant, Susan?

  4. Is this the one you found, Mimi?

    "An egg fried on a piece of ham or bacon, especially if eaten on Collop Monday, the day before Shrove Tuesday."

  5. Pretty much, Susan. I searched the Urban Slang Dictionary, too, but I found nothing there.

  6. Is this the ecclesiastical version of flashing?

  7. My favorite is "Commination of lapsed choristers" I know a few who are not lapsed who could use a commination.

  8. Is this the ecclesiastical version of flashing?

    LOL, Erika. I don't know. We'll need to ask the clergy for the skinny - no pun intended.

    Amelia, thoughts of commination here, thoughts of commination there, thoughts of commination everywhere.

    Tobias, yes indeed!

  9. Flashing, as in "layers of roofing material"? Looks like it. Or the warm up for the Dance of the Seven Dalmatics.

    I believe what is shown here may have been the proximate cause of the Great Brocade Famine of 1903, to say nothing of the Sequin Shortage of ought-six.


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