Wednesday, June 23, 2010


John Chilton at The Lead reports on an explanation, of sorts, from Lambeth on "the issue of vesture", also know as "mitregate".

Be sure to read the comments at The Lead to see what naughty Tobias has to say. Poor baby. It's 92° in the Bronx and his AC is out. We can't blame him too much.


  1. A whole scorching 92 degrees?

    It's 98, here, with heat index at 104 and my a/c's been beyond my ability to repair for 3 or 4 years.

  2. Mark, I'm so sorry. That's brutal. We blame you even less, m'dear. You must look forward to going to work at night.

  3. You guys all need to come to Alberta for the summer!

  4. I inhabit West Alabama with no AC, and this summer has been especially troublesome. I have a fan system, but it depends on temps dropping into the 70s in the evening and that has not been the case so much the past two weeks. Since it is only June, I wonder what August has in store?

  5. Tim, just what we all need - a summer home in Alberta. I'm serious. I wish we could. What would happen to our garden? Our tomatoes, corn, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, and bell peppers are coming in now. Besides, Tom's limit away from home is one week. Full stop.

    Boocat, I walk in the evening, after dark, and some nights I've had to cut my walk short because of the heat and humidity. My thought too: what will July and August be like?

  6. Boocat, and Mimi,

    I can't speak for AL and LA, but SoWeGA (Southwest GA) had the same thing last year - brutal temps early in summer, through June, then it mellowed a bit. This may be the new climate (no global warming my aunt fanny!)

    If not, well, remember we are, globally, in roughly the same latitude as Arabia, southern India, south Asia - they deal with it, we must learn to.

    I'll admit, I've thought of getting a window unit, but I have louvered windows, so it would be a huge project that I'm really not sure I could do.

  7. Oh, and BooCat, one other thing:

    If you can find one and afford it, I have found that an evaporative fan really does make a difference!


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