Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When we visited on Sunday, there was a crowd, and Paco could not be on the floor much, for fear of him getting stepped on.

Adorable, no?


He's so sweet.


Paco is tiny.


Gino, Paco's playmate

My daughter's yard banner - Good advice


  1. Ohhhhh!!! Paco is so kewt!!!!! (to use JCF's spelling)

    Oh how adorable. What a sweetie!!

    Gina is a sweetiepie too. Gorgeous!!!

  2. Gino is a Maltese. My daughter's other cat, Raul, is a bit crazy. I hope Paco is more "normal", whatever normal is for a cat.

  3. What a precious kitty! Being somewhat crazy is what it means to be a cat!

  4. Being somewhat crazy is what it means to be a cat!

    Too true, WhiteyCat. Raul jumped off the second floor balcony and landed feet first. He didn't move, so my daughter rushed him to the vet. He recovered motion/consciousness in the vet's office and is none the worse for the trauma. Apparently, he learned his lesson, because he hasn't tried the trick again.

  5. Teh Kewt! It Burnz! :-D

  6. What a beautiful baby Basement Cat!

  7. Paco could be a cousin to Doc and Boo so you know I think he is beautiful beyond words. He looks sweet, too.

    Raul reminds me of one of my brother's retorts to the expression, "Curiosity killed the cat." He would say, "Satisfaction brought him back!"

  8. Mark, I think Paco is really Ceiling Cat in disguise.

    He would say, "Satisfaction brought him back!"

    BooCat, a fine retort. Something or someone brought Raul back. Thus far, Raul and Paco don't like each other. They hiss back and forth, with little Paco giving as good as he gets. We hope they will come to love one another.

  9. We hope they will come to love one another.

    When my beloved Fifi came to live with my ex, there was a cat who lived in the upstairs flat, Felix, and they took a dislike to each other at once. Felix was a lovely cat though - any time his owners were away and I got to feed him, he would always hear the key in the lock and by the time you opened the door he would be lolling about on his back across three of the steps in front of you, with one foreleg cast theatrically back over his head, in a languid pose stolen straight from Greta Garbo, saying, in cat language, "Now don't cha find Me just evah so chahhhhhhming, Oh You Who Come Bearing Food?" After a bit he and Fifi came to a sort of wary truce, but they never really liked each other. If she sat out in the backyard on someone's knee he used to sit on the back outside stairs giving her the evil eye - he would hide half his face behind the door and roll the eye you could see down at a really strange angle towards her, till he looked positively satanic. But by that stage she was used to him and she never took a blind bit of notice.

  10. ... there was a point to my longish story, which is that cats don't always come to get on. But I am hoping that Paco and Raul do.

  11. Mauigirl, adorable and a sweetie, too.

    Cathy, I got the point, luv. At one time we had 6 cats (not all inside cats!). They either got along or ignored one another. Two of them loved each other tenderly. They groomed one another and curled up together to sleep.

  12. Basement Cat and Ceiling Cat are not separate.

    One is within the other, both always circling always complimenting.

    As high and low make height.

    As far and near make distance.

    So it has always been with the Tathagato.

  13. Paco is adorable and so is Gino. Hope they become good buds. Love the banner too. I agree whole heartedly.

  14. Mark, oh.

    Amelia, I think Gino and Paco will be fine.


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