Monday, September 27, 2010


What follows is a picture-essay, with not many words, of photos from the boat ride which Cathy and I took out of Portree harbor on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.


The ever-changing views were lovely, and my pictures are far better than I'd dreamed.


We moved over the water and, as the sky changed color, the water and the rocks changed color.


The sky began to capture more of my interest...


...and even more.


The combination of the sky and the reflection on the water...I'm running out of words. I said that the post would be a picture essay, didn't I?


Bright blue skies mixed with clouds from one direction, and, from another, only low clouds with no sky visible.


And didn't I say ever-changing?


This photo blows me away. I'm deeply grateful that the sky caught my attention.

Does looking at the pictures from the boat ride give me more pleasure than the boat ride itself? Surely not! But I'm having a grand time with this post.

Cathy took photos on the ride, too, and she captured pictures of wildlife with her better camera, which I was not able to do with mine. I extend my public offer to Cathy to send me whichever of her photos that she chooses, with or without commentary, and I will publish them in another post.


  1. Will do Mimi - bless you for asking, I'm grateful :-)

  2. You have taken simply beautiful photos though. I'm not sure I can add to them! The colour of the sea in the first pic is so gorgeous.

  3. Cathy, oh good! about your pictures. No rush. Take your time.

    Thanks for the kind words about mine.

  4. These are wonderful, Mimi.

  5. JCF, thank you. The wonder of the pics is not attributable to me, rather the wonder is God's creation.

  6. Thanks, Mimi, for sharing the beauty that you and Cathy got to witness.

  7. Paul, you're quite welcome. I'm in awe myself.

  8. Thanks all. Can you tell I liked them, too?


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