Sunday, November 21, 2010


Lesley Fellows at Comprehensive Unity:

Once upon a time the Archdruid Rowan lived in his house in the woods in England. He had thirty-seven children, and they had all left home and were spread across the world, but they all came home at Christmastime.

One Christmas, one of the children spoke up at the dinner table, her name was Cassandra. She had always been a girl who knew her own mind and didn’t follow convention, but her announcement was to shock some of her brothers. ‘Daddy, I’m a lesbian’, she said. The dinner table immediately went quiet, and you could hear a pin drop. All the children knew that Miles and Lucas hated gays, and called for the death penalty for homosexuals in their own countries. Marcus spoke up, ‘Maybe this is the moment to mention that I am bisexual’. All hell broke loose, cruel and vindictive language was used, and some of the children stormed off. It was a mess.

Yes, I give you a teaser. If you want to read the rest of Lesley's parable, you know what to do.

"Comprehensive Unity" is the No Anglican Covenant blog.

The Revd Lesley Fellows is a priest in the Church of England and blogs at - Surprise! - Lesley's Blog.


  1. Though I have no proper dog in this fight, not being a member of the Anglican Communion, or any other, I think the parable is excellent; and it actually makes me want to weep for the AC, which, as some are pointing out, is already in a major schism, and the question is whether it wants to be there or not.

    But I post here because I need to report an Omen. I was over at Andrew Rilstone's blog, making a minor comment on a rather brilliant posting. Since he speaks of monarchical and republican institutions, I wanted to say something of our country's Presiding Bishop vs. Archbishop problem. Reviewing the first part of the post, I had to enter the Captcha code. Which was, wait for it,


    If you need an Anglican Primate, whom ya gonna call, anyway?

  2. But I post here because I need to report an Omen.

    Porlock, I take your omen quite seriously. I hope that many, even those outside our Episcopal Church, take the opportunity to "dialkate". I don't know about anyone else, but if I'm in trouble, I will not "dialrowan". I will surely "dialkate".

  3. Thanks Mimi - that is really kind to post this here :) Lets hope our tears will turn into gladness...

  4. Lesley, it's not kindness on my part at all, m'dear. I like your parable, and I like your blog, too.


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