Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Remember Mark B's Katzie? Katzie was seriously ill, and our blogger community raised the funds for his life-saving surgery. Katzie's picture up there shows him looking frisky as he plays with a piece of rope. He looks great, doesn't he?

For more pictures of Katzie and his companion, Miutu, see Mark's blog, Enough About Me.


  1. Lovely Katzie. Both of the cats are kewt. It is nice to feel we had a hand, however small, in Katzie's recovery :-)

  2. Thanks, Mimi!

    Let me emphasize, there was no "had a small hand" in his recovery. This was a laying-on of hands and full-on miracle. I don't think it's ever been fully clear to everyone how little faith I have in . . . well, anyone, and this has restored my belief that community can, indeed, work God's miracles in the world.

    wv: enceist - an example of the spelling that results from incest.

  3. Mark, it was a lovely moment when we gathered enough money for Katzie's surgery, and then a wonderful relief when he came back from the brink after the second scare.

    There are good people in the world, and I'm thankful that your faith in God and God's people is somewhat restored. If we can't achieve the big things we want to do, we can, at least, do the things we can do. Katzie is now, in a sense, a pet of our community.


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