Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today is Mardi Gras. Really! Mardi Gras was not last Tuesday, as in my erroneous post, which I quickly removed, but which stays in Google Reader probably forever. Tomorrow is really, really Ash Wednesday, and you will all need to get really, really serious about repentance of your wicked ways. But for one last day, you may revel in your naughtiness.

The pictures are from the Cleophas parade this past Sunday.

"Who Dat?" of course! - in honor of the New Orleans Saints football team. The National Football League has copyrighted the phrase, "Who Dat?" - as though they could.

Who dat wit' de umbrella? Dat's the rector's wife, dat's who. An' dat's her perch on de telephone box, an' nobody dare to steal her perch.

"We So Broke It's Whatever", to which a good many folks in the country can relate.

Over the hill and deep into the valley on the other side for me.

Thomas the Train, a really cute float. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Grandpère and the middle generation, my son and daughter-in-law.

The elder generation, who stay at home on Mardi Gras, but not on the Sunday before. It's raining here today. I hope it's not raining in New Orleans and in the other cities which have parades.

An' dat's dat, as dey say.


  1. "We so broke it's whatever!"

    I can't stop laughing. Because I'm so broke it's whatever! But now it's OK!

    Thanks, Mimi! Happy Mardi Gras to you!

  2. Oh Penny, how I wish it wasn't "broke" and "whatever" for you and so many others I know. Your sense of humor is intact, which is all to the good.

  3. Love your beads, Mimi! Are they special? I see Br'er Fox and Br'er Lobster there!

  4. susan, it's Br'er Crawfish, please! The beads are special. Br'er Crawfish lost one of his claws in the excitement Sunday. Someone on a float threw a pack of beads at me hard, when I wasn't looking, and hit me in the chest. Thank goodness, they didn't hit me in the face.

    Can you make out the Cajun Reeboks? That's the name for the white wellies around here. The fisherman wear them because they reflect the hot sun. Tom has a pair, and he says they work to keep his feet cooler than the black boots.

  5. Nice piccie of you and Grandpere. You look like you're having so much fun :-)

  6. Cathy, that's our life - a barrel of laughs.

    Paul (A.), the video is adorable. I must post this one.

  7. Ah well, perhaps not.

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