Saturday, April 9, 2011


Lionel Deimel struck gold. At least, I think he has with the statement by Bishop John Akao, chair of the Church of Nigeria Theological Resource group, on the original intention of the Anglican Covenant in the Church Times. (Not yet online, but David Virtue posted the statement in its entirety.)
The idea of an Anglican Covenant was suggested by the Global South to check the drift of some members especially in TEC and Canada as well as some other parts of Europe like Germany and Britain in the wake of revisionist agenda manifested radically by the recognition of same -sex relationships by the Church, especially the consecration of two same-sex practitioners as bishops in The Episcopal Church of America.

Aside: Are "same-sex practitioners" members of a new medical specialty of which I've never heard?

The Global South's intention was to "check the drift" in certain churches in the Anglican Communion with the Anglican Covenant. How does one "check the drift" without consequences? Indaba is not what the Global South had in mind.

The bishop has no kind words for the Episcopal Church:
The offending TEC remained defiant and recalcitrant despite series of appeals and resolutions. This attitude of TEC to the entire Communion smacks of arrogance and colonial mentality against the African voice.

Read the quote from Bishop Akao's statement at Lionel's blog as to why the Anglican Covenant is no longer acceptable to the Global South, along with Lionel's commentary.

The original intention of the Anglican Covenant was to force the churches in the Communion into compliance with "the faith handed down", as certain member churches interpreted the faith. Let's not forget that the disciplinary consequences for non-compliance are still present in the final draft of the covenant, admittedly in a softened form, in the objectionable Section 4.


  1. "members of a new medical specialty of which I've never heard?" Our minds run in the same direction Mimi! Practitioners, indeed!!

    I love that we are recalcitrant, too! Long may we remain in that vein!!!

  2. I continue to be intrigued by the request of Archbishop Okoh of Abuja in his March 3rd address to the
    Standing Committee of the Church of Nigeria that "We repeat our appeal to our Lord Bishops to apply restraint in granting preferment to clergy abroad, especially in the USA as it has really made the clergymen there quite unruly".

    Very odd thing to say, if you think about it. In what way does the archbishop consider the behaviour of Martyn Minns & Co to be "unruly"?

  3. susan, why am I not surprised that our thinking is alike? Great minds....

    That is some statement from Bishop Akao - a lot to chew on there.

    Lapin, did you ever believe that Martyn Minns would take orders from a bishop from the Global South?

    Never trust a Martin who spells his name with a 'y'.

  4. Wonder if the reference is to Don Armstrong's antics at Colorado Springs. If so, the archbishop appears to more concerned about felonious behaviour than M Minns is.

  5. Not surprised one damn bit. Gay bashing, and bashing anyone who won't bash gays, is the whole driving force behind the Covenant and the conflict that generated it.

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  7. Funny, in our neocolonialism I don't recall our ever telling other provinces what they must do or believe. We've just told them, by our actions, that they can't tell us either. I must not understand "oppression."

    [Typo corrected from my earlier attempt.]

  8. Bp. Akao did those of us who are opposed to the covenant a great favor with his reminder. Some on the progressive side and even those who lean to the conservative side, who have not been paying attention, now know that the covenant was conceived as punitive for the churches moving forward to implement justice and equality for LOGTB folks. And it remains punitive, despite what the defenders of the daft covenant say.

  9. Correction! LGTB, not LOGTB. I blame Haste. You must know Haste, the little demon who causes mistakes.

  10. Wonder if the reference is to Don Armstrong's antics at Colorado Springs.

    Lapin, who can say? It seems to me that there are enough unruly antics to spread around.

  11. Quite so, Mimi - you and I see it very clearly. But to have grabbed the attention of Ab'p Okoh? What can it be? Maybe Rowan has said strong words in private? With G-d, all things are possible.


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