Friday, April 8, 2011

TIME TO SEND YOU AWAY... read two excellent blog posts. I've included quotes to entice you to read further.

First from Doug on the miserable State of the Union at his blog Counterlight's Peculiars:
These days, we find ourselves in a fun house world of morality where a large group of already very wealthy people committed what is probably the largest act of larceny in history, almost wrecking the global economy, and yet it is the rest of us suffering the consequences who are told to feel ashamed for our wanton ways. Our representatives go out of their way to coddle the very people who ruined us all, and meanwhile try to take away our last remaining protections against the predations of the market economy. They tell us solemnly to "take responsibility," while dodging their own responsibility for creating this whole crisis. People who keep overseas tax shelters, even in times of war and crisis, are congratulated on their patriotism.

Next on the daft Anglican Covenant from Lionel at Lionel Deimel's Weblog:
Alas, Rowan has increasingly become a threat to the Church of England and to the Anglican Communion. He is, in the end, a political appointee of the English government who has exploited the respect given his office to wield power he has not been granted, to interfere in the affairs of churches not his own—rumor has it that Rowan’s was the hand behind B033, for instance—and to press for a Covenant that will change the nature of the Anglican Communion and, some would say, of Anglicanism itself.

The rich want more money, and the powerful want more power, and to hell with the rest of us.


  1. the insanity continues:

    This week in Uganda it was announced by a group of University students at Parliament, that their LGBTI ¨student colleagues¨ were being ¨bought¨ into homosexuality--straight students were becoming gay and receiving a monthly payment (around $300 U.S.) from ¨evil foreigner¨ queer makers.


    Wouldn´t it them seem logical if the ¨good foreign¨ Christian religious right bigots who have been pandering/funding religious extremism-fear/hate-mongering in UGANDA would instead redirect their cash to buy Homosexuals into Heterosexuality?

    Think of it, in Uganda, a country where multiple marriages are legal it would be *quite* a great opportunity for impoverished LGBTI (persecuted, marginalized, despised, outcasts) to lie their way into a life of comfy/prosperous faux heterosexuality! Yipee, cured at last of that dang/darn dreaded/worthless homosexuality curse (along with a income guaranteed by those sexually imaginative/obsessed self-righteous Christians too!

  2. Where does the money come from to buy Ugandans into homosexuality? The vast world-wide LGTB conspiracy? Names please!

    What next?

  3. We don´t know. They say they know but won´t say. I really think instead of passing murderous anti-lgbti laws they ought simply buy gays into heterosexuality--certain to be a foolproof scheme--verdad?

    ¨The Fun House World of Morality¨ continues: Gafcon backers could finance the Heterosexual recruitment agency and issue the checks (sorta like going for unemployment every month and filling out a simple yes or NO I didn´t form). No muss, no fuss, no problema--the check is in the male with female!

  4. I really think instead of passing murderous anti-lgbti laws they ought simply buy gays into heterosexuality--certain to be a foolproof scheme--verdad?

    Verdad! It's simple.


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