Friday, June 3, 2011


dear beloved Giants:

before anything else, I'd ask for your ongoing prayers for our cherished sister Kirsten. as you can read in a post on Kirsten's blog by her primary caregiver Andee Barefoot and Laughing. there are now concrete needs in addition to our prayers which are required, and any of you- extraordinary beings that you are- who know of any possible resources..... well you know what to do.

i'd also ask for traveling mercies for our cherished margaret. margaret is about to take a sabbatical month away from her parish in Virginia to visit the Great Leonardo (another radiant Episcopalian, an awesomely talented artist and articulate gay man) living a life of real grace in Guatemala.

traveling mercies this week-end for Christopher also please

i'd ask your prayers please for the repose of my very dear friend and former colleague Louyse, and for the comfort of her family. shortly after my project and employment were cut for financial reasons at the university, Louyse underwent major brain surgery, to remove a large tumor, and essentially since then she has been living with the challenging outcome. a truly beautiful soul of amazing integrity and generosity, Louyse had both the courage and grace to embrace and to live beyond the woundedness of her past and loved nothing more than to invest in the future of her students.

So, beloved giants, you know what to do.

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