Tuesday, September 6, 2011


1. Will Archbishop Rowan Williams come to rue the day that he rammed the Anglican Covenant through General Synod of the Church of England?

2. If the answer to the above question is, 'Yes', will the archbishop ever admit to his rue?


  1. 1. Yes
    2. probably not

    I am beginning not to care! But it hasn't been totally accepted, has it?

  2. susan s., the covenant has not been adopted by General Synod, but it's quite likely that it will be.

    So far as I know, the covenant could be in force for those provinces which have adopted, subscribed, or whatever word they choose to call what they've done. There is nothing in the covenant which sets a minimum number of provinces which must adopt the covenant, which I believe reveals one glaring problem with the document already.

  3. At the moment, the draft Covenant has been sent to the dioceses of the Church of England for comment. However, anyone you ask says 'Oh, but we have to decide on women bishops first' (clever use of smoke and mirrors by Lambeth?). Eventually they will get round to the Covenant.

    Meanwhile, I favour using the fact that the Church of England is the established national church to raise a general hue and cry that an 'unBritish' assault on our national character and unwritten constitution is about to be launched.

    Please wish us luck!

  4. Lay Anglicana, those of you in the Church of England who have grave doubts about the covenant have my unwavering support. Since Rowan has unashamedly made support of the covenant a test of personal loyalty to him, and, of course, it is no such thing, I encourage you to use every lawful tactic and strategy available to defeat the damned thing.

  5. Oh, Mimi, I didn't mean adopted, I meant accepted by all the dioceses in England. Thanks, LA, for your enlightenment on this. What do you see happening when it's voted on and some vote no? Or will they vote no?

    The "unBritish" assault sounds like our TeaParty talking about us being "UnAmerican" if we dare to mention the resumption of taxes on the rich!

    As Mimi says "use every lawful tactic and strategy available..." And it is a damned thing!!!

  6. Of course not. Rowan thinks he´s brilliant (can´t prove it by me because I understand little that he pumps out other than the secret spoiled brat tantrums that we´ve been informed about..gracias a Dios y Collin Slee).

    Clearly Rowan Williams isn´t a wise leader, he´s about as savvy as any despotic/headstrong leader and/or political hack...if, only if, he stopped with the bullheaded nonsense and took stock of himself/his ¨spiritual skills¨ he´d quickly resign...maybe when he´s retired and stuck in a dark library at 89 he´ll admit his dangerous wrongs as first amonst us at The Anglican Communion. Leonardo Ricardo (heavy rain storms down my way)

  7. Leonardo, prayers that the rain storms don't create a dangerous situation for people and property.

    As for Rowan....

  8. Thanks Mimi,

    The party last week reaped 100´s of lbs of dry black beans, rice, pasta...Juan Carlos, Chepe and Henry Leonardo will discreetly take lots of shopping bags full around to those who really need it on Saturday, the coffee pickers are the lowest paid folks around here and live in little tin roofed shacks/dirt floors...thanks to lots of ex-pats who filled our food bank for such emergencies. Len

  9. Leonardo, I'm so pleased that your party brought in such an abundance of food for the needy.

  10. I'm with Susan, to the first question - yes, but probably only to himself. He's too delusional to admit it though.

  11. He's more likely to come to Nawlins, and make a roux.


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