Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Republican and Democratic legislators said Monday they are skeptical of Jindal administration claims that health care would not suffer with more than $320 million in cuts to the LSU hospital system.

LSU’s 10-hospital system would bear 60 percent of some $522.5 million in health care spending reductions outlined so far in response to an unexpected cut in federal funding.

Gov. Bobby Jindal is counting on surplus revenues materializing to close the rest of an $859 million congressionally created hole in the Medicaid program for the state fiscal year that began this month.
Come on guys, you just passed the Jindal budget and now you're scared by a lil' ole unexpected $859 million hole in the Medicaid program and a lil' $522.5 million cut to LSU's hospital system?  Heavens to Betsy!  Don't you ever look ahead and plan for the unexpected?  Now you may have to start looking at generating some revenues.  Some of you want a special session to address the budget hole, but the guvna says that won't be necessary because he's counting on surplus revenues to materialize.  You believed his hokus-pokus before, but now you're beginning to doubt?  Iizzy-wizzy, let's get busy; there's a charm for that.

You see, LSU's hospital system is talking of goring oxen - er - closing down clinics and hospitals that treat the uninsured and poor, and the other hospitals in those areas fear lines around the block of people wanting treatment in their emergency rooms.
“I just worry how do we take care of those people if some of these doomsday scenarios happen?” [Sen. Ronnie] Johns responded. “The private hospital sector is absolutely fearful of people showing up on the steps of their emergency room.”
What we have here is a mess on our hands, but what?  Me worry?   Indeed not!  The surplus revenues will materialize...out of thin air, if necessary.   The guvna says so.  Besides, everything must be OK in the Gret Stet, because the guvna is mostly not here in Loosiana.  He's busy campaigning around the country.  I'm not sure what he's campaigning for, but he's very busy.


  1. This is somewhat off topic, but I just read that the South Carolina legislature overrode Nikki Haley's veto of the violence against women laws. They did it 111 to 0! Maybe some more legislatures will find their spines and stand up to these idiots.
    Ro Ford
    (Boo Cat)

  2. Boo Cat, that is good news. Nikki is the other Indian-American governor. So far I am not impressed.


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