Monday, July 23, 2012


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And another.
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Blogger does a good job of filtering out spam without blocking legitimate comments.  I was so pleased to get rid of the fuzzy letters in the word verification feature.

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  1. The spam I get is usually a link to something or other. I check it occasionally to see if there is an error. I've only found one comment that shouldn't have been spam and one that was questionable that I decided probably was spam. Google does an excellent job of filtering.

  2. Piskie, I agree. My spam is mostly links, too, to commercial websites from people without a good command of English. About once a week, I go into the spam folder and delete, which is surely no hardship.

  3. Apropos of not a damned thing, Mimi, I read Terry Pratchett's latest Discworld novel, Snuff, and he includes an encounter with a widow with sextuplets, all daughters, all languishing in expectations of a distant inheritance to secure decent dowries - until the main character points out that they should get off their "rather attractive backsides" and make their own way in the world - there's the industrious daughter, the well-endowed and skillful, but unaware of it, daughter, the scandalous daughter, the pious daughter (with an understanding with the young curate), etc., right down to a young daughter with literary ambitions named Jane, who writes, in the end, a novel about the complications and subtle interpersonal harmonics of a policeman's life called Pride and Extreme Prejudice.

    I thought you'd appreciate that.

  4. My spam is mostly European and Asian marketers of everything from Ugg boots to "celebrity" porn.

  5. Maybe because your site is so sweet and nice, the spammers don't target you much. Those of us with a bit more, um, *cough* mature-audiences-only content are in the direct line of fire. That's why I have kept all the shield up on my blog. In fact, I just now deleted two unctuous and duplicitous spams like the ones you quote at the top of this post! Still a nuisance, despite Blogger's safeguards and mine.

  6. Ah well, I don't visit those sites. Porn doesn't do much for me. Never has. Erotic art is a whole other thing. The question is, "What is art?" And the answer is (you will have guessed), "I know it when I see it." Besides the sites can mess up a they tell me.

    As for "sweet and nice", there are those who would not agree.

    1. You're excused, Mimi - it's a guy thing, our escape valve.

      You girls do lunch instead.


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