Friday, October 12, 2012


The two love birds, IT and BP, are celebrating four joyful years of marriage today.  I wish them many blessed and happy times together.
I hope that many more gay and lesbian couples will celebrate anniversaries of their marriages before too very long.


  1. yes congratulations to the two love birds!! :) May there be many more happy years to come.

  2. This gives joy to all of us. Many happy returns IT and BP. We rejoice in your love.

    Bill and I never got married (we could not then and cannot in our state now) but we counted from the day we hesitantly committed and we have decided to count the decade in between separation and reuniting since we never stopped loving each other. Fifteen days until we fly off to Paris for our first honeymoon. It will be 35 years next February 22. As for the "lune de miel," why rush?

    1. Paul, how wonderful about your coming trip to Paris. You and Bill count the years however you like. They're yours, after all. :-)

  3. For BP & IT and Paul & Bill--

    May all your years be filled with love, joy, success, contentment and all God's love, tender mercies and blessings.

  4. Amen, Alleluia and Mazel Tov to ALL loving couples!

  5. yes, Mazel Tov to all loving couples - congratulations to Paul and Bill too - have a wonderful honeymoon in Paris x :)


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