Sunday, April 27, 2008

Look Who's Here!

Our friend Paul has touched down in New Orleans and already has his feet wet. It's raining. He'll soon grow the tiny gills that help us survive the humidity, and he'll be right as rain. He will never be the same, and New Orleans will never be the same.

Bienvenu à la belle Louisiane!


  1. If I were any greener, I'd be a 'gator. You two have a great time.

    (P.S. Mimi, Paul's birthday's coming up.)

  2. I told her already over at my place ;-).

  3. You ARE going to get to hang out with him, right?

    If so, please give that delightful man a hug for me! (And Paul, hug Mimi back for me, too, if you please.)

  4. Oh, yes, Doxy, I will be going to New Orleans once Paul settles in and lets me know about his free time. I'm going to invite him to the boonies, too, if he wants to come. I'm looking forward to meeting him. Don't worry. We'll hug for everyone.

  5. Ormonde, he's working there temporarily.

  6. I should add not in his priestly role, or he'd have to be in touch with the bishop.

  7. Enjoy yourselves. Hopefully I'll be back down there later this summer.

  8. I am insanely jealous - at once I want to be in NO and be with Paul and Mimi.

    And it makes my heart happy to Bubs hanging here in the hood.

    I sense a visit between you all when he returns to your fair part of the country Mimi.

    Between his Sazeracs and your wicked sense of humor, the world will then no longer be the same!

    Paul and Mimi - have fun!

  9. Fran, we will definitely send you a few words, something like, "Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here." You, too, Diane. I'd like you all to be with us.

    Bubs, I will, if you will.

  10. If I was there I know Paul would give me some pets. Have fun!

  11. Elizabeth, we will.

    Rowan, I know he'd pet you.

    I haven't heard from Paul. He must not have his computer connected, yet, and he's working long hours, plus, I suppose, he's still settling in.


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