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Thursday, January 26, 2017


What I write here is a rambling stream of thoughts about my time on Facebook. While I've missed contact with my many friends on the site, my thus far short break has been a relief, and I've felt better during the time away. I doubt I can return to FB on the same basis as previously. I was spending far too much there, and, in the end, I was suffering stress from overload. If I could post and pretty much ignore comments, that could work, but I can't. I want to monitor comments to make sure the discussions don't drift into attacks and name-calling on my page.

Also, when my friends take the trouble to read and comment, I feel obliged to return the compliment and read and comment on their pages. Thus, the time problem, and, in the end, Facebook became more of a burden than a pleasure.

Since I've always preferred blogging to Facebook, I'm thinking of taking my writing back to my blog and putting links to my blog posts on FB. A number of my friends will probably not read the posts, and that's okay. Unfortunately, people who have not joined Google tell me they can't leave comments on Blogger. It seems Google has taken over Blogger, and I don't know how to solve the problem. Still, I feel much more comfortable blogging than posting on FB.

I've pretty much made my decision because of the relief I already feel from spending less time and being less active on FB, but it's not set in stone. If I go back to my old ways of posting and commenting on FB, I'll probably soon suffer from stress overload again.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


If I accomplish nothing else today, I succeeded in removing unwanted links from my blog description.  I don't know if the outside world could see the links, but I could, and I found them annoying.  After an online inquiry and reading several complicated suggestions for removing the links and trying a few without success, I found the solution was right there on my blog.  A big thank you to whoever provided the fix - presumably some kind person at Blogger.

UPDATE: Now I have a an unwanted panel with links that pops up on my left sidebar, and the unwanted links are back.

UPDATE 2: The unwanted links came from a program called WebCake, which I uninstalled.  I have no idea how the program was installed on my computer.   

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Click on the image for the larger view.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the list of "Links to this post", which are not really links at all?  Some days there are 8 or 10 links supposedly from "Of Course, I Could Be Wrong", and when I click the link and go to the post, there is no link to my post in any of the posts at OCICBW.  Each time MadPriest puts up a post, I get the link appended to one of my posts, to which there is no link.

I can delete the links, but it's tedious to do 8 or 10 a day, and I never know when they will turn up or to which posts they will be attached.  When I turn on the "Hide" function for "Backlinks" in the settings, they do not appear, but then I screen out all legitimate links from other blogs.

Am I making sense?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Some weeks ago, I removed the function for typing in the fuzzy and frustrating letters for my readers to  to prove they are not robots.  Blogger's spam filter works quite well.  I have not had a spam comment to delete for days, and my legitimate commenters are not blocked.

For those bloggers amongst you who still enable the fuzzy letter function, I suggest that you disable it and give Blogger's system a try.  If the system doesn't work for you, then you can always enable the robot blocker again.  It's annoying to have to try to decipher the fuzzy letters and then type the pairs of words three or four times before being able to post a comment.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


We now have the new comment format for our blogs, but the function to subscribe to a comment thread is missing. One would assume that 'new' would be an improvement. How is removing a function that is valued by many an improvement? Come on Blogger! Some of us want to have continuing conversations in blog comments and like receiving email notifications when someone responds to our comments. Now we must continually check back by clicking on the URL for the blog for responses.
UPDATE: Penny at One Cannot Have Too Large a Party informs me that the 'subscribe' function is available in Blogger's embedded comment format, so I switched. I hope a good many of my blog friends make the change. Still, the 'subscribe' function should be available in all comment formats.