Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gertrude Stein On The Pope

From the MadPriest, who took it from Shimmy and added the balloon.

To me, this is one of the funniest cartoons ever on the pope. I burst out laughing when I looked at it. The quote from Stein, in a balloon, with her stolid portrait are just perfect. I can hear her saying the words.

No one commented on it at Of Course I Could Be Wrong, not even me, until a few days ago, so I suppose it's not for everyone, but I felt it was neglected at Shimmy's and MadPriest's sites, and I wanted to post it again and give all of you another chance to show proper appreciation.

Belatedly, I left a comment for Shimmy, too.

Rick, I'm afraid you will think me disrespectful of my former and your present leader, but remember: I did not say this. Gertrude did.

Chacun à son goût.


  1. I loved this too. I wish I had known Gertrude Stein, bless her heart.

  2. Ed, I love you! You came to my rescue. Bless your heart!

    I showed this one to my husband, and he did not even smile.

  3. Well, it cracked me up but I don't think I could explain it to anyone. I KNOW my husband would never get it. He's more of a Far Side kind of guy.

    Meanwhile, after this brought me one of my first smiles in recent days, Mad Priest's Monty Python video had me doubled over. Apropos in an entirely different way.

  4. Klady, I agree. There is absolutely no way to explain this one.

    Yes, the Monty Python video was hilarious.

  5. Nor is there any "There, there."

    We are indeed all a lost generation.


  6. Mimi, it never occurred to me you felt in need of rescue; I woulda come a-runnin', I assure you.

    You mean some poeple didn't get your little joke? Phhht!

  7. The joke sat at MadPriest's site and at Shimmy's site without one comment until mine, and, as I have already said, it made me burst out laughing. I wanted at least one comment from someone who appreciated the joke, just one. And Ed, the organist, was first, so I fell in love with him.

    I know he's gay and I'm married, and he's young and I'm old, but I thought we could work something out.

  8. Ours is a union of true minds, Mimi. However, you may call me Alice B. if I may call you Gertrude.

    P.S. Nice to be thought of as young, btw!

  9. I don't get this joke. I want to, but I just don't.

    There...I admitted it.

  10. Eileen, that's OK. We still love you. You are still our favorite heretic.


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