Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm A Rainbow Trout

You're a Rainbow Trout!

Believing strongly in the equality of all races and in gay rights,
you are a true egalitarian. These stances have made you a target amongst some
groups of people, but it's all in a day's work for you. You try not to fall for
their schemes hook, line, and sinker, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Somewhere
over you, bluebirds fly.

Take the Animal Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Lapin, my goal today is to make you crazy.

Actually, I truly like what this quiz says about me. In fact, I love it. Which of you is among the bluebirds flying over me? I need to stop wasting time and get to work.

The link for this quiz is from Pseudopiskie's place Mom Said Nobody Cares. She came out of this one as a gorilla, and she is not pleased.


  1. Grrrrrowl. I'm a lion.

    Though as usual I also turned out to be some other animal once I had taken the quiz a few times on return visits.

    But mostly I am a lion.

    Which, of course, is just a large cat.


    I LOVE that you are a rainbow trout, and love the description!

    Jane in North Carolina where it is A HUNDRED DEGREES today

  2. I don't mind being a gorilla. It's just that the description is mostly not applicable to me. Even those who know me in person agree. Silly.

  3. Jane, that is hot! And not in a sexy way. We're in the mid-nineties with high humidity, which is hot, too. We rarely hit 100 degrees, but with global warming, it may get to be a regular thing.

    Cats are nice - even the large ones.

    Pseudo, I agree, the quizzes are silly, but when one comes out this good for me, I want to think it's perfectly accurate.

  4. Mimi, you can say what you like, but you are turning into a computer geek!

  5. Tim, my name is Grandmère Mimi, and I am a computer addict. There. I've said it. I need help.

  6. "Do you like to get down on all fours." Talk about a personal question! Even if I do, at my age and size there's the matter of getting back up again to consider.

    The next question, "Do you consider yourself relatively normal?". I have to respond "No, I'm bizarre", don't I?

    At the end of it I'm a "fabled and friendly [except to cobras]" mongoose. Rikki Tikki Rabbit.

    Before you progress to the States quiz, I've already done it. The last question, chose between English kings called "James" and "George", assigned me to Virginia or Georgia, based on reply.

    "Pigs" and "Pakistan" still takes the [ham?] biscuit, doesn't it?

  7. Did you take the "Are you a heretic" quiz that was all over the place a couple of years ago?

  8. Lapin, I'm done with quizzes for today. I already know I'm a heretic, so I don't need to take that one.

    From your comments, I see that I have accomplished my goal.

  9. I just took the "Heretic" quiz and came through "100% Chalecedon compliant". That's 'cos I know what answers they want, not because I believe it all. But I'd have been safe around the Inquisition, just so as I kept my mouth shut.

  10. You've got me all wound up and now you can deal with it! There's a marvellous account in the introductory essay to this week's "Anglicans Online" (picked up Mark Harris and others) of the liturgical use of a hand-held commercial soap dispenser at what was evidently a formal high mass.

    "An acolyte approached each of the dozen robed people assembled around the altar in turn. He bowed, but didn't offer a towel or a bowl. Instead, he proffered what appeared to be a two generous squirts from a pump-action hand-sanitizer bottle. The vested personages rubbed their hands together solemnly with disinfecting earnestness, and bowed as the acolyte moved on his way."

    There is more. Sounds utterly hilarious. The A. Online folks describe it as an example of what John Keble called 'spontaneous evolution' in liturgy.

  11. Lapin, it sounds more like spontaneous combustion of the liturgy of hand-washing. As the writer said, the liturgical practice has nothing to do with germs.

    Yuck to the smell, for sure.

    Please. Not in my church.

  12. Ah, Grandmère, I don't care much for this quiz. I took it three times, trying variations that I didn't consider mendacious, and my results were Parrot, Poisonous Frog, and Ostrich. Totally unsatisfying. You win! The Rainbow Trout is lovely.

  13. I almost posted somewhere on Anglicans Online story, but decided that it would spoil the bemused tone everyone seems to be taking. It's a SACRILEGE, I tell you (in my best Owen Meany voice).

    Is it really "high mass" stuff? I've never seen it done any other way (but then I keep changing parishes with the same rector, so
    wadda I know). What made me *get* it more deeply was when I attended a seder for Passover at a good friend's house and discovered that they do the very same thing (but with WATER!!!!!!!!!!) -- the linen, the cup, the water, etc., washing hands before the meal.

    One of the nice things about Spong (*#*#*#*#* thunder and lightning hurled to earth *#*#*#*#*) is the way he views Christianity through a Judaic (if that's the right word) perspective.

    Back to topic.......

    I'm a Wooly Mammoth and I don't like it one bit, especially coming after Lebanon. So I've set up a separate blog page for quizzes and whatevers, for the sake of full disclosure and a place to let all my (apparently excessive) hair down.

    il bel far niente......

  14. I've been musing on the design of gothic revival and baroque pump-action soap dispensers. Think there might be a market?

  15. I don't quite see how I came to be a horse, but the description seemed pleasant enough and horses are handsome creatures, though I bear an appalling resemblance to Karl Rove.

    I tried to answer the "Heretic" quiz by giving all the "right" answers. I still came out unorthodox. Then I answered it as I really believed and was gloriously heretical. It felt good.

  16. Lion, mostly.

    It was 100+ in Arkansas this week; I'd mercifully forgotten how bad it can get.

  17. We're global, pitted, wet, and fowl.

    >You're a dove! A fan of olives and the United Nations ... You really like to take showers.

    We already knew this (ok, the pitted part was hard to accept).

  18. Lapin, get to work on those dispenser designs. There might be money in them.

    Klady, not sacrilege, just don't like. Why do the symbolic gestures while destroying the meaning. It's a church, not an operating room.

    Wooley mammoth, huh? They're extinct, you know.

    Paul, I would not have been happy with your results, either. Mine were beyond my wildest dreams, and I tried to be honest.

    John Bassett, if I passed you on the street, I'd probably want to slap you for reminding me of Rove. ;o)

    Horses are nice, and I'm sure you're nice, too. Just kidding about the slap.

    Johnieb, it's in the high nineties here in bayou country, as of now - and humid.

    How is your mother?

    Jn, take heart. At least you're clean. Sorry about the pits. The pits are the pits, right? Oooh, that's bad.

  19. One of our supply priests goes thru the washing ritual then slyly uses his own little container of whatever-that-stuff-is. The other supply priest doesn't even wash.

  20. I confess to being extinct.

    "Why do the symbolic gestures if ...? They're not optional. The Lavabo is an essential part of the Offertory. and thus of the Mass, as well (or so says an impeccable source, the Answer Men at EWTN). So it's why do the Mass at all unless it's done correctly? We desperately need plenty of nice gay (not closeted) Anglo-Catholic men to teach everyone liturgics.

    I guess I should somehow fit in The Iceman Cometh and Jake's statements on the need for "clean liturgy"... but there are too many icicles clattering in my brain.

  21. I don't need a quiz for this, I'm a dog, a dog!... as in woof woof, bow wow, etc.

  22. I'm a ... jellyfish?? I won't be posting that answer at my place.

  23. On my second try I came out as a rabbit, with an aversion to lettuce (which is true, I honestly don't like salad) and an affinity for ... um, procreating. (which is also true, though it won't be happening any time soon).

  24. LJ, I won't take the quiz again. I'm too pleased with myself. It's prideful, I know.

    I'd like to see you as a jellyfish.

  25. ladybug.
    but it's so random.
    I could be a kangaroo as well.

  26. ladybug.
    but it's so random.
    I could be a kangaroo as well.

  27. Diane, don't tell me mine is random. Tell me that it's true, true, true.

    I like Ladybug. They're good bugs. They keep the bad bugs away.

  28. Mimi,

    Mama is lucid, but weak. She is improving physically in the short-term, but cannot eat and keep enough down to make the improvement more than temporary.

  29. Johnieb, your mother, you, and your family are in my prayers.

  30. If you're still in the quiz business, Bro. Causticus has a Harry Potter quiz over at T10. It's rather more sophisticated than these "You are North Korea" productions. I suspect that it may be an older psychological test with Harry P. characters attached.

    I made Severus Snape, which is a little better than North Korea

  31. Lapin, I am not really a Potter person, which is why I have not taken the test. I'm almost afraid to say that, because coals of fire may rain down on me. I read the first book, and I will probably read the last. I saw movies 1 and 2. I liked 1, but 2 - not so much.

  32. Lapin just for you, I took the test here are the results:

    You scored as Albus Dumbledore, Strong and powerful you admirably defend your world and your charges against those who would seek to harm them. However sometimes you can fail to do what you must because you care too much to cause suffering.

    Albus Dumbledore - 80%

    Remus Lupin - 65%

    Hermione Granger - 65%

    Ginny Weasley - 60%

    Harry Potter - 60%

    Ron Weasley - 50%

    Severus Snape - 50%

    Sirius Black - 45%

    Draco Malfoy - 40%

    Lord Voldemort - 30%

  33. That's very sweet of you love, thank you. I'm not a Potter person myself either and haven't read any of the books. I've watched all the movies issued on DVD, though little of it sticks, so I can happily watch them again without boredom a year or so later. Suppose what I enjoy about them is that there's a tenuous connection to the English secondary education system of 50 years ago & I connect through that. Unfortunately I closed the page before I got to the individual character breakdown section, but I'm certainly far happier with Severus Snape (who could object to association with Alan Rickman, his tendency to scenery-chewing notwithstanding) than with N. Korea. Still suspect it's a "real" test adapted to Potter.

    Thanks for the attention.

  34. ps Just saw your suggested "alternative" personae over at OCICBW. Were it me, he said ungrammatically, that last shot would be a strong contender.

    I think those furriners must get confused between cats and possums when it comes to what we eat down here.



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