Monday, October 29, 2007

Off You Go, And Rightly So

From the Daily Comet:

A 6-year veteran of the Thibodaux Police Department was dismissed Monday in connection with charges arising from his display of a rope tied in the shape of a noose from the rear-view mirror of his personal car that was parked on city property.

...[Michael] Rodrigue expressed disagreement with the decision and plans to appeal to the city's Civil Service Board.

That's the proper decision. I hope the Civil Service Board does its job and supports the police chief.


  1. After all that has been going on in LA, I agree with you 100%

  2. What will happen to all those guys who hang rifles and shotguns in the back window of their pickups?

  3. Ormonde, nothing, of course. They have their Second Amendment rights. Do you hear any political candidates talk about gun control these days? It's a dead issue.

    We get the occasional mail with an offer to join from the National Rifle Association. I send the stamped, empty envelope back to them, to use their postage, hoping they'll get the message to leave us alone.

  4. Totally different matter, did you see that George W. is awarding the Medal of Freedom to Harper Lee?

  5. Lapin, I saw that. We heard her speak not long after the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird, when we lived in Mobile, AL. I didn't have my copy of the book with me to have her sign it.

    It seems she had only one book to write, but what a book! She spent a good deal of time giving tender, loving, care to Truman Capote. Perhaps that drained her energy for her own writing.


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