Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dining With Friends - Part One

Wow! Was it only a week ago? So much activity crammed into one week makes it seem like an age ago since I lived anything like a normal life. My plane was delayed an hour in departing from New Orleans due to mechanical problems. I made it with little time to spare to meet with Tobias, James, and Fran to go to dinner. We met at my hotel and walked a couple of blocks to Molyvos, a Greek restaurant nearby, where Grandpère and I had previously eaten and enjoyed the meals. Since quite a few of the other patrons were going to Broadway shows, the crowd in the restaurant thinned quite a bit after an hour or so. Since we were in no hurry, the staff very kindly allowed us to stay from 6:30 until 10:30. Yes. Four hours.

The food was good, and the company was even better. What pleasure to meet Fran in real life. I had met James briefly at St. James in Fordham, where Tobias is vicar, when I attended a service there on the Sunday after our Friday in October gathering. Tobias and I were seated across from each other, so we did have a chance to talk in October. Anyway, we all hit it off from the beginning and had a lovely dinner, along with absolutely sparkling dinner conversation. Although I had invited everyone, the "boys" gallantly picked up the check.

I offered the extra bed in my hotel room to Fran, so we would not have to rush dinner in order for Fran to begin her trip home to Albany that evening. In true girl slumber party manner, we stayed up until midnight talking, talking, talking, as though we had known each other for ages. In fact, the four of us dove right in from the beginning as though we were old friends. Amazing.

The picture above is the only one I have of any of my meals with blog friends, and you can see that it's dark, and I did not know how to brighten it up. Fran remembered to ask the waitress to take the picture. I wish I had pictures of my other meetings now, but I forgot to ask anyone to take our pictures, and my companions did not ask either. I'm afraid that I'm not a good reporter. Here's a link to Fran's post on the event with a picture that's less dark.

On Saturday, I met with David, aka Reverend Boy, for brunch at The Eatery, a restaurant about two long blocks away from my hotel. David lives within walking distance of the restaurant, too, so it was convenient to both of us. David is such a dear and so good-looking that I wanted to pack him up and take him home with me as an honorary grandson. We had lovely conversation during a very good meal. We caught up on the latest news on both sides. David has taken a leadership position in the Integrity chapter in New York, and has a post about it, which I have not yet had time to read.

If anyone knows how to PhotoShop the picture, you are welcome to copy it and email the PhotoShop to me, and I will post it.

To be continued....

UPDATE: Thanks to the skill of my brilliant dog pal, Clumber, I have posted a brightened and clearer version of the picture of our Friday dinner.


  1. sounds like you had a great time.

    We should do another big gathering again. That would be fun.

  2. Dennis, I did have wonderful times. My account of the trip will very likely be a three parter, because of length.

    Another big gathering would be fun.

  3. Clumber is brilliant.

  4. I loved your description of you visit to NY with all those friends. How nice that you and Fran shared that room and talked and talked! Clumber needs to come and help me, too!

  5. Rowan, I know that Clumber's brilliance is no surprise to you. You're pretty smart yourself. You've got Lindy right where you want her.

    Jan, thanks. Clumber could have a long client list if he so chose.

    Neither Fran nor I is a slouch in the talk department.

  6. A fine photograph of you,actually. And everyone drinking water or coffee - very Lenten.

  7. Lapin, thanks for the compliment on my picture.

    very Lenten

    Actually, no. Fran and I had a glass of wine, Tobias had a beer, and James had a drink. The evidence had been removed.

  8. In addition to being - I think - an attractive photograph, it shows a strength of character that most of us have learned you possess.

    Enough for one night. Bye.

  9. Pardon moi- Fran had twoglasses of wine!

    What a delightful reminder of a great evening. It was so much fun.

    Glad you had a great week! Can't wait to hear more.

    Meeting you was a real highlight Grandmere Mimi, you are one amazing human being.

    And yes- we can both talk!

    I also loved meeting Tobias and James, what great gentlemen they were! Lovely and charming dining companions.

  10. Fran, dear, you make me blush.

    Sorry about my wine mistake. I give you full credit for being twice as wicked during Lent. You RCs like your booze.

  11. [the photo] shows a strength of character that most of us have learned you possess.

    Lapin, love, flattery will get you everywhere.

  12. I'm not that good-looking! i'm just some skinny white boy!

  13. Go on, RB, you're a cute skinny white boy, and you have a lovely smile.

  14. Hooray, hooray, you're safely home. It looks like you had great fun. I can't wait to hear about the rest of it. You were greatly missed by one and all as you can see by all of the comments.

  15. Well, this is all lovely but I'm still waiting for an explanation about the crumbling building facades and the little incident at the Times Square recruiting station. Hmmm?



  16. Boocat, thank you. I did have a lovely time, but flying is no longer fun. In the past, I have raved over JetBlue, but we were late in arriving in NYC due to mechanical problems, and we were late into New Orleans. The trip home was delayed because of bad weather, which gave us a bumpy flight pretty much all the way, but I can't blame the weather on JetBlue. They gave me a $25.00 voucher for the late arrival in NY.

  17. PJ, I had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the crumbling building facade and the recruiting station affair. I DIDN'T DO IT! You'll have me on a no-fly list.

    I always try to leave a light footprint when I visit NYC. I don't ask for my sheets to be changed every night, and I hang up my towels to reuse them, although they change the towels anyway.

  18. oh, you're back! so wonderful. what a great time!

    I want to go back to New York!!!!!


  19. Diane, I know, I know. I loved meeting our mutual friend, Fran. She's the best.

  20. Hardly! But I do adore you and Diane both and how lucky I am to have met you.

  21. Mimi - Glad you had a good trip in, sad I've been so self-involved that I didn't get another visit in with you.

    I'm with Dennis. We need to do another one!


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