Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome Home To Me!

What a fantastic trip! But it's great to be home again. You'll hear about it until you're bored silly.

In the meantime here's an old family picture sent to me by my daughter.

Isn't she a sweetie?


  1. Back already?

    Well, OK; good to know you're home safe.

    Next year in New Orleans!

  2. Hi Mimi, welcome back! I'm in Atlanta at a conference. Yes, I've had grits already. And sushi. But not together. LOL.

  3. Welcome back! I await your stories with 'bated breath.

  4. Ah, thank goodness. You've no idea how much we miss you when you run off like that, though we know you deserve a romp now and then. Remember, you promised us the juicy details....


    I'm glad you are home. can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Ah, the natural order of things is restored!

  7. Me too, after a week of jolly theological adventures, have returned from Bristol to the bosom of my bosom.

  8. Mimi, the week has been dull without you.

  9. Back already?

    Johnieb, I would have hoped that you had missed me a little.

    Jane R, I see you're on the road again. You're a traveling woman. Grits and sushi? Now that's an idea.

    Susan, yes, the stories. They're a-comin'. Got some wash to do, too.

    Paul, love, thank you. How sweet. It was a lovely week, and I needed to get away for a bit. Grandpère held up pretty well without me. Diana kept him company.

    Lindy, I'll bet you've misbehaved while I've been gone, but not too much. Rowan wouldn't allow that.

    DP, I just read your post on the theological implications of showers. So inspiring.

    TheMe, that's just what you needed - more theological adventures.

    Ormonde, thank you. I hope you're regaining your strength after the major chemo treatment.

  10. Glad you had a good trip, and even gladder at the thought of the tickets that are coming my way for the next big adventure!

  11. Welcome home! It was so good to catch up with you in person again!

  12. KJ, your chaperone tickets are on the way for the next big adventure. You'll keep us all in line, I'm sure, nice ex-evangelical boy that you are.

    RB, mwah, love. It was great to see you again.

  13. I don't know why you would think I'd been misbehavin' Grandmère Mimi! It has truly been all work and no play for me lately.

  14. It's Paul you should be worried about...

  15. Welcome home, Mimi! Looking forward to some great reports in the coming days.

    Nice to meet the Ass family, but where are their hats?

    [leaves the stage hurriedly]

  16. Mary Clara, I was going to title the post "For Eileen", but I thought she might mistakenly think I was referring to her family.

    We do have hats for special occasions.

  17. Kick me while I'm down, Lindy. Here I've been trying to deal with bronchitis, no energy for misbehaving and not even the desire to, and this.

    Will probably feel like misadventures next week when the drugs finish their job. So, Lindy, what kind of trouble shall we get into?

  18. Pobre Pablito. Prayers for a quick recovery from the bronchitis.

    To those of you who have blogs, I have not had a chance to visit around blogland much yet, but I'm working my way over to you.

  19. Silly Mimi; I meant that I had steeled myself for a much longer absence, which I somehow mistakenly took from the conversational swirl over lunch Monday. Perhaps I was trying to take in too much, for there was indeed too much beauty, wit, and tender sentiment to take in: my brains were no doubt addled.

    Basta! The wait is over, and the countdown to New Orleans is started, hah? I am only glad you are home and safe, and that we were able, once again, to meet, albeit for too short a time.

    Whaz housing costs in Thibodeax, hah? naw, you said churches is tough to take there; maybe I better think twice. And there is Grandpere.

  20. Johnieb, as if I don't know blarney when I see it. As though I don't know that you only had eyes for the young and beautiful PJ. In any case, you were kind to the old lady.

    Yes, our time was short, too short, and didn't they run us out of the bar before we were ready to go, when we wouldn't buy a drink?

    Housing here is not cheap. And there is Grandpère.

  21. Oh jeebers, people. Gimme a break.

    Welcome home, Mimi! New York won't be the same without you and your homemade incendiary devices.

    And thank you for posting that lovely photo -- those stick families make me want to smash SUV windows. There's something implicitly smug about them, don't you think?

  22. Hi Kirstin! How are you feeling, love? Less sore and stiff, I hope.

    PJ, I won't mention your beauty any more, since it seems to embarrass you. We did have a lovely time, didn't we? I'll get to our story today maybe.

  23. Less sore, less stiff, and completely free of the hideous flu. Thanks for asking!

  24. Kirstin, that's good news all around. Thanks be to God.


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