Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Profile In Courage - Lindy

Please go read Lindy's post at Two Fruits in the Sukka on her recovery from an injury which damaged her brain. Her story is one of such bravery and courage that it makes me proud to know her, even if it's only a virtual knowing. Here's a snippet, but I urge you to read the whole post.

I am not the person I was before I got hit on the head. That other person is gone. I used to miss myself quite a lot but now I am a new self and it all seems OK. I am a little stunned at the change. My buddy Wilma from my days on the farm is the only one of my friends who was able to make the transition with me from whoever it was that I was to who I am now. People just couldn't handle it. I understand. I couldn't either at first.


  1. I agree with you, Mimi. Lindy is brave in many ways.

  2. Her determination is absolutely amazing to me. She didn't give up; she didn't quit. Brava!

  3. Well of course I didn't quit! There was really no choice. Just think of the alternative.

    One thing I've learned about courage and determination... we all have the exact same amount. It's true. And I can even tell you what the amount is. It's called enough. We all have enough. Sometimes just barely, I'll grant you that. But, there's enough... just like the oil of Hannukah.

    Question is whether or not you light your lamp.

    So, don't be amazed by me. Be in awe of the source of the light!


  4. Lindy, you are quite right, but some of us do give up. Some of us don't light the lamp to see the way.

  5. Those are the ones who need us...


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