Monday, April 13, 2009

Pastor Rick Warren - Exhausted!

From Attaturk at Eschaton:

And Rick Warren...the day his "Savior" allegedly rose from the dead, finds him too tired to rise out of bed?

I think Attaturk is one of them atheists, but ya gotta say this is funny.

UPDATE: See The Huffington Post for a possible alternative explanation.


  1. Yea... but something is behind his sudden changes... Wonde what it is?

  2. Göran, I added an update which suggests a possible alternative explanation.

  3. Doped out on furniture polish fumes, that's a new one that I will add to my catalogue of excuses.

  4. When you don't show up to teach your class. Excellent, Counterlight.

  5. These things do happen; my dear papa almost died when he laquered a floor once. It was in a basement room with a much too small window - not enough air...

  6. Surely I wish for Rick's full recovery from whatever caused the exhaustion.


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