Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Small Earthquake In Rome?"

From Bishop Alan's Blog:

Assimilating a lot of people who perhaps have struggled, and some might even say haven’t made a raging success of living within their own tradition, you’ll get two sorts of “convert”:

1. people who really should try out and perhaps are called by God to be part of the Roman tradition: Hip, hip, hooray!

2. people who aren’t terribly good at living in any tradition on anything but their own terms.

The second sort of convert will carry on inexorably being as they are, because it’s personality based and they can’t help it. This may not be good news for your own people. Where, for example, does it leave genuine Roman Catholic clergy who have faithfully and heroically struggled and somehow managed to live within their Church’s discipline, because they sincerely believed it was necessary, to know that Auntie in Rome is now doing a Post-Modern family promotion for married Anglicans, but you’re not invited? However delighted I was that Auntie is now being jolly and Post-Modern to the Anglicans, I’d hope she manages to find some way, after all these years, of being jolly and Post-Modern to me…

Aye, and that's the truth. And, of course, you should read Bishop Alan's post in its entirety.

Bishop Alan is Area Bishop of Buckingham in the UK.

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