Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"what Rowan should have said? "

From Clayboy:

In the meantime I say only this: to all of you who are seeking reform in the search for a papacy exercised in charity and collegiality, to all of you who are seeking a faith that continues to update and renew itself from its ancient springs in the light of reason and the contemporary experience of God’s Spirit, to all of you wish to pray in your own language without being forced to conform to the past glories of a dead tongue, to all of you who seek to exercise ministry in service rather than power, to all of you who prefer the vesture of humility to arcane Renaissance pomp as re-envisioned by Prada, to all of you I say a warm welcome always awaits you around our altar tables. For however you treat us, we will still try to treat you as our brothers and sisters.

Now go read the rest at Clayboy's site. His real name is Doug Chaplin. He serves as an Anglican priest in Worcestershire, UK. Methinks he will not be amongst those who make the journey cross the Tiber to Rome.

Picture added by me.

Thanks to Tim and Ann for sending the link.


  1. I didn't think you'd be able to resist posting this for long!

  2. "Lefevrist rather than Roman" says it all quite succinctly.

  3. How 'bout dem Pradas? They not Pradas, you know. The shoes are actually crafted by the pope's personal cobbler.

  4. Counterlight, this "marriage" may not work out any better than the ACNA wedding of the conservative Anglo-Catholics and the conservative evangelicals.

  5. Has the bride accepted the proposal?


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