Monday, January 18, 2010


John D sent me the photos of the murals in Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I wanted to see pictures of the murals, about whose beauty I'd heard so much, but my online search proved fruitless. Perhaps, I was not diligent enough in my search, but then these two photos from John D landed in my mailbox. When I asked permission to post the pictures here, John D responded:

Please post them, if you wish. I'm afraid very few people in the rest of TEC ever saw them. I particularly love that the artist(s) chose African faces for the traditional stories.

Mrs. John D (Betsy) took the photos.

Of the picture above, John said:

Actually, this is my favorite, and apropos for Epiphany.


How sad that the lovely cathedral and the beautiful murals are now a pile of rubble.

Of course, compassion and help for the people of Haiti must be our concern before buildings, but I can't help but grieve the loss of such beauty as the cathedral and the murals.

If you'd like to help, I suggest Episcopal Relief and Development. They're one of the best, with low overhead and nearly all of the money going to help the people of Haiti.


Ormonde Plater said...

The famous murals of Cathédrale Sainte Trinité, on the life of Christ in a tropical setting, can be seen at Windows on Haiti. All were destroyed except the wall with the Baptism of our Lord (lower left).

Thank you, Ormonde, for the link to photos of all of the murals.


  1. Thanks so much for posting these. Yesterday the Rev. Ian Douglas, who was a missionary to Haiti in the early 1980's and a priest associate at my home parish, preached about the many, many losses in Haiti and mentioned these murals.

  2. Mary, I'm so grateful to John D for sending the photos.

  3. They are lovely. Mimi check out Our retired bishop +Chilton went to Haiti last year to help out Bp. Duracin and there are a few pictures of the murals in some of her posts. She was supposed to leave for another trip around now, but obviously will not.

  4. Art in Haiti is a too well kept secret. Haiti has a long artistic heritage that remains very little known to the outside world.

  5. Especially look at the video on the first Lutheran ordinations in Haiti video. They took place in the cathedral and she took videos of some of the murals.

  6. Amelia, thank you for the link to Bishop Chilton's site. I just finished watching the video on the Lutheran ordinations, which includes wonderful views of the murals.

    Counterlight, we've ignored so much about the country right off our shores, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's shameful.

  7. Thank you for passing on the heritage of Haitian art and faith.

    Prayers continue. And donations.

  8. The famous murals of Cathédrale Sainte Trinité, on the life of Christ in a tropical setting, can be seen at All were destroyed except the wall with the Baptism of our Lord (lower left).

  9. Thank you, Ormonde. I added the link to the website in an update to the post.

  10. Lovely/Stunning murals and thanks for sharing them.

    The truth is that Haitians are very talented folks...the climate seems to slow things down a tad (the humidity is thick) but the vibrancy ABOUNDS amongst the locals...I´ve visited Haiti twice (over a period of several decades) and keep its verve always in my mind and my art ...I think I ought go there and do some ¨product development¨ work (my career specialty in the Fashion and Home Furnishings Accessory biz)´s about creating NEW things that people LOVE to see and buy (using available materials, part of the challenge) at good, the artistic talent and energy for productions flows throughout Haiti, there simply needs to be better marketing, development of products, timely delivery, little corruption at customs/export/management, quick reorder ability/continuity...Haiti is a Gold Mine/Mind of a new opportunity presents itself to Haitians now that we are squarely focused on their immediate and future good health (spiritual, physical and emotional)...perhaps the Episcopal Church is the place for setting the stage for such a wholesale/retail opportunity (a ¨Haiti¨ product online catalog comes to mind).

    Lots to think about, but first, survival.

    Viva Haiti!

  11. I am given to understand, however, that the soccer field of the Holy Trinity school, behind the remains of the cathedral, is now a makeshift hospital and food-distribution area.

    The difference between mere suffering and compassion.

  12. Leo, keep perking with your idea. Something excellent could come of it.

    As I've said, I've only been in Haiti on the tarmac at the airport in a stopover from Martinique. Dan Quayle was in the country. Remember him? We saw his big official plane parked nearby.

    Mark, if what you say is true, I'm pleased that Holy Trinity school's soccer field is being put to such worthy use.

  13. May I please have permission to print the photo of the mural from Ste. Trinity? I am doing a presentation on Haiti for my church and I lack that image. St. Matthew's Episcopal in St. Paul MN

    Marcia Roepke

    ps love love your blog!

  14. Dear Mimi, thank-you so much for including me on your blog roll. I have moved my blog to and wondered whether you would be willing to change the link?




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