Thursday, September 2, 2010



Pictured above on the right is the flag of Northumberland and on the left, Scotland's flag, the flag of St Andrew, at Carter Bar, where the Mad Three (MadChauffeur, Cathy, and me) crossed the border from England into Scotland.

Note: The following commentary does not match up with the pictures, which were all taken after we crossed the border into Scotland.


Even after the final plans for the trip were arranged, I told my travel companions that I would not really believe that the trip would happen until we were on the road to Scotland. Not until we crossed the border, did I became a true believer. Before that time, I feared that someone would get sick, or die, or back out, or some other roadblock or tragedy would get in the way. But finally, we were there, in the fast lane, making our way to Oban.


The evening before we left, we had dinner at La Tasca in Newcastle, MadChauffeur having made the arrangements in quite a satisfactory manner. Gathered around the table were the Mad Three, Mrs MadChauffeur, Themethatisme, his wife, Petty Witter, their German houseguest, a lovely 14 year old girl, Lisa, and a friend of MadChauffeur and his missus. As arranged, we ordered dishes we liked, and we all passed the dishes around, each of us serving ourselves whatever foods we liked. Thus, we had the opportunity to sample a large variety of very tasty Spanish food. After the meal, we took a walk along the River Tyne and across the Millennium Bridge.

If anyone took pictures at the gathering, I don't remember. I did not, because I was too busy enjoying myself.


The following morning, we left Newcastle, but not as early as MadChauffeur would have liked. There were ongoing negotiations each evening over the time we'd start out in the morning, because neither Cathy nor I is a morning person, and I believe that most days the negotiations went our way. We were two against one, after all. Of course, MadChauffeur may take a different view.

My fellow travelers, MadChauffeur and Cathy (with her seemingly ever-present shopping bag), headed, I believe, toward a ferry which we never caught, because it was not running that day. The memories of what we did on which day begin to run together.

More to come, of course, continuing in helter-skelter order with regard to the timetable.

UPDATE: By popular demand, another picture of MadChauffeur by Cathy. That's him on the right and Mimi (or is it Mimo?) on the left.


  1. Is this the first in a series of photos of the Mad One ... he who shall not be photographed?

  2. Mimi, you could run that one of you and MP where you appear to be doing a pagan dance from my Facebook pics.

  3. (PS - I don't think I was carting round shopping all that often ... was I? ...)

  4. Whiteycat, you see the first and the last photo of the Mad One that will come from me. I am forbidden to publish more pictures under threat of unmentionably cruel consequences.

  5. Cathy, maybe it's my aging brain, but I often picture you with a shopping bag during our travels.

    Which group of your pictures includes the pagan dance?

  6. Mimi, would the Mad One excommunicate you from St. Laika's? I thought only the Romans resorted to such things.

    Another thought ... we could all make a pilgrimage across the pond and gaze upon him in person!

  7. Whiteycat, I think you should make the pilgrimage, if only because the UK is such a fabulous place.

    Mimi, I think you should post the pagan dance. It CANNOT POSSIBLY get you in trouble. And you did ask me for a copy of it while you were still in this country for that very purpose!!

  8. Cathy, I would absolutely LOVE to visit the UK ... perhaps one of these years!

  9. Just how popular was this "popular demand," Mimi?

  10. Hey, Johnieb.

    Just how popular was this "popular demand," Mimi?

    Well, I confess that I have not taken a poll, but I feel sure that pics of the mystery man are in "popular demand". Some things you just know.

  11. Yes Whiteycat, you must, and Johnieb - the whole crowd should make the trek.

    Pics of the "mystery driver" do seem to command a high price on the black market.


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