Saturday, February 18, 2012


Omar Khayyam (31)

Don’t try every door
because of some bauble;
you just have to accept
the good and bad of your time;
a shake of the cup
and a toss of the dice–
whatever comes up,
you’ll just have to play it.

Translated by Juan Cole
from Whinfield 31 .
Posted by Juan at his blog Informed Comment. I'm enjoying immensely Juan's series of translations of Omar Khayyam.


  1. "Like" very much. I had a look at a couple of the other translations of Omar Khayyam at the blog and they are equally good so I'm going to keep my eye on it from now on. I like Omar Khayyam (5) very much too.

  2. Cathy, I 'borrowed' (5) for an earlier post. Juan is also my go-to blogger for info on the Middle East.

  3. I must have missed that one, Mimi - woz it recent? There was about a week recently I didn't have time to look at WB, or indeed FB, or anything much else online.

  4. That's about right, Cathy, but you read the translation at Juan Cole's site, so you don't need my link. I don't like to steal from him too often, so I choose only the poems I like best.


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