Friday, April 6, 2012




So, should I send in a question?  What are the chances that my question would be chosen as one of the twenty (20) best?  I have questions for His Eminence, all right, but I expect my question would be eliminated in the first round.  Perhaps, I should send in a phony question, and, if I am selected to attend the exclusive "Town Hall" event, I'll ask my zinger question when I get hold of the mic.  A free trip to New York sounds good to me, but when I think of fascinating and iconic people, a good many others come to mind before the cardinal.  Still, a free trip....   


  1. Go for it, Mimi. The Cardinal needs to hear from folks like you! I know you would be up to the challenge, but would he?

  2. "I am not a member of your church. Why should it make decisions about my access to contraception?" Yeah, I know this one would never make the top 20, but it felt good to type it. Maybe you could add, "triple dog dare ya to answer?"

  3. I have a list of questions which would include his support of the Manhattan Declaration.

  4. Can we be sure he'd be sirius about it?

  5. Bex, you know what you must do. Exit left. ;-)

  6. Cardinal Dolan is a real arrow to the heart. I was going to wait until after the holiday to mention this, but u might ask him about Msgr. Lynn in Philadelphia. Msgr. is being tried for overlooking abuse (civil court). One example is a priest there who abused boys for over 40 years. He even had special t shirts made for the boys he abused. The the logo on the shirt called them "Philadelphia Rovers". He would pull them out of class for abuse sessions. He was called on the carpet several times, always admitted it and said he was 'sorry'and just was moved to another parish. The Chancellor of the diocese found a silver lining in this. He said (of this priest) "At least he didn't sin with women".
    This monster's career continued under the leadership of the last 3 Cardinals. Story at
    third posting down. Someone should ask Dolan how that was allowed to happen and/or is it a more grave sin to abuse women rather than little boys?

    On a happier note, I wish you a joyful Easter celebration, your poem was a little gem, are there more of them?

    ps, geat pun, Bex!

  7. Re exit: I'm taking the stage...the next one outta town.

  8. Nij, I felt somewhat bad about posting during the Triduum, but the email came in, and....

    Nij, I read about Msgr Lynn. I expect there will be more trials for those who looked the other way when abuse was brought to their attention. Actually, it was the cover-up of the abuse that caused me to leave the RCC some 16 years ago. The abuse was terrible, but the cover-up was the last straw.

    Thank you for your kind words about my wee poem. If you scroll down on my right sidebar, you'll find links to a few more poems under the heading 'Poems' (surprise!).

  9. Re exit: I'm taking the stage...the next one outta town.

    Brilliant idea, Bex!


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