Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fr Morris Thompson For Bishop!

A friend writes:
June -

It's the middle of the night, but just caught up with your blog, not perused for several months. Happy to see that you like Morris for bishop !!
He was an assistant at our church in Ashland, loved by all, and now rectors a large church in Lexington KY, where he is highly thought of. Good friends of ours there have watched, loved and benefited from his pastoral gifts thru the years. They would hate to lose him, but feel he may best serve in wider pastures & offer his gifts as bishop in a diocese that has been through the tribulations that La. has.
As I said after the Meet and Greet for the candidates for bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana:
My favorite of all and the one I would vote for if I had a vote is Fr Morris Thompson. He looked good on paper, and I liked him face to face.


  1. Yes, it's always nice to have others we know to confirm our feelings, etc. And he's from Kentucky! I was born there, so it can be a good thing... ;-)

  2. Susan, it is. I guess you could say I'm campaigning for Fr Thompson.

  3. As a parishioner at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, Ky., I can tell you first-hand that Fr. Morris is a class act. We just don't want to lose him!

  4. Anon, thanks for your input. I can only hope and pray that the delegates who will be voting will see what I see in Fr Morris.


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