Friday, June 3, 2011


Original request: Molly is only 10 years old but went into congestive heart failure today -- prayers for healing.

Update: The news on Molly isn't good. We will probably loose her tonight. It is cancer & she is bleeding internally. We will probably put her to sleep so she doesn't suffer.

Molly lives with a friend of Ann Fontaine.

Ann also asked for prayers for another friend who is undergoing tests for possible tumors.

Molly is so beautiful. May she have a peaceful passing. May God give comfort and consolation to all who love her.

May Ann's friend receive a good report from the doctors after the tests.


  1. Thanks June. One of those days of sadness for my friends. Prayers help.

  2. DOg prayers and thoughts:

    “We take to our hearts those beings who are even shorter lived than we, knowing that we will suffer from their impermanence but learn from it how to savor what they give us---a brief, perfect glimpse into a heart that loves unconditionally.”

    "Having the love of a good dog is the closest some of us will ever come to knowing the direct love of a mother, or God..." Anne Lamott.
    She continues with a beautiful essay on Dog loss. It can be found in "Plan B Further thought on Faith " chapter 6.

    O God, My Master,
    should I gain the grace
    To see you face to face
    when life is ended,
    Grant that a little dog,
    who once pretended
    That I was God,
    may see me face to face.

  3. Thanks Mother Church -- will share those with my friends

  4. Oh, Molly. What a nice girl. :-(

    [My brother has a Golden, so I'm just assumin']

    {{{Molly's Pack}}}

    Prayers for all in need...

  5. There's a beautiful piece called "Rainbow Bridge" about our love and God's love for pets. Google it and read it--lovingly beautiful..


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